CTD when >8 game controllers connected

Brief description of the issue:
FS 2020 dies with loading bar on screen (before main menu) with all USB devices connected.
8 devices startable, 2 more configurable in flight. 11 completely crash game.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:
Game crashes abruptly and leaves no warning/error message.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
8 USB controllers is fine, game will load to main menu and allow flying. Break-FS point is above 8 devices.

When I connect any other device before launching FS, game will fail to load (crash towards end of loading bar).
Changing hubs, connecting directly to the motherboard seems to make no difference.
This has been reproduced with a fresh install of w10.

Connected 8 devices (3xMFD, WinWing panels (3 total), stick, throttle) - game loads, allows flying.
Connect any of (Xkeys 80, Vipergear F16 UFC, Blackhog panel, TPR pedals) - game will show loading bar, and crash without warning towards the end.

Connecting one in flight will open “New Device Detected” menu, where I can make custom settings and save and go back to flight.
If I then connect another device, “New Device Detected” will open again (worked with XK80 and TPR pedals)
Afterwards, game will launch with said device connected.
However, “Keep defaults” also crashes FS. Controls need to be custom.

Device 11 never shows up in the controls list.
Connecting multiple unconfigured devices in flight will cause a CTD.
Connecting devices in the menu will cause a crash.


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