CTD when completing flight and trying to return to the main menu

#pc MS Store version

This issue occurred beginning in SU5 and has continued into WU6. When I complete a flight and the logbook pops up, if I click ‘Return to Main Menu’ or if I click ‘Continue’ and then click ‘Esc’ to pause and choose ‘End to Main Menu’, I get the popup question 'Are you sure you want to return to the main menu…?" and I choose ‘Yes’, then the sim just crashes to desktop. It happens every time. I assumed it was an SU5 issue with CTD and would be fixed in WU6, but it has not been fixed.

Same problem here, I have the problem even with empty community folder.

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Since Update 6 every flights ends with a CDT, when going back to mainmenu.

Started for me after a complete clean install this week.

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Can confirm the regular CTD when quitting to desktop - its not really a thing affecting the sim, but it states that there is clearly something not right. This seems to happen with and without mods on my side.

Had some CTD when going back to the menu - it could be affected by mods on my side, as it seem to happen more regularly when I have community or ms store mods active.

Had one or two CTDs at modded airports - those weren’t reproducable on the next startup - don’t know whats going on.

All in all it seems to me that mods can increase the number of CTDs I’m getting, but they will even still happen a little less with a “clean” msfs. No CPU OC or XMP profile loaded in BIOS right now, but using a fixed undervolt setting with drastically reduced clockspeeds on my GPU (1Hr stable in Timespy and Metro Exodus bench - stock settings on the GPU don’t change the frequency of MSFS Crashes)

Yep, i get this when exiting to main menu OR sometimes when shutting down the game, which is less of a problem, but between flights is pretty annoying. Also had it, exiting bush/discovery flights.

Same here, VR and non-VR.

same issue here

Ditto here. CTD every time after a flight and attempting return to main menu.

PC Version

Since WU6, I’ve had more CTD’s than after any other WU or SU. I am averaging 40% success with completed flights without CTD (after the latest Hotfix). I don’t know where people are seeing errors when the game crashes. The game just crashes me back to the desktop without any message, or it just hangs. I am absolutely done troubleshooting this game. Every addon I’ve purchased seems to become a potential grenade. I am beaten.

I’ll settle for the 40% of the time this game offers me. I’ve already vested a few thousand dollars in hardware and addons. This game punishes you for doing so. I am no longer going to spend half my days troubleshooting this product.

If and when it works, that’ll be great. I’ve lost all enthusiasm. I’ll just enjoy what little I can. I didn’t know where else to post, and I hope it doesn’t get me kicked from this forum. I’m sure the game will eventually mature to stability. This is a frustrating time in the development of MSFS for me, and I’m super happy for those of you who post “Everything is great for me, no problems here.”

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Same issue here from time to time, I suspect a bug with WT 3000 as it is only when I used that mod the problem has occurred, I have also had several CTDs when I turn on ground power with WT 3000.

It cannot even go to main menu when I start up the game it always freezes in the loading screen

I had it too!! 80% times, when I want back to main menu after flight → CTD

Same here, CTD 80% of times

I’m curious why more people aren’t complaining about this. I guess it’s only a handful of us who are having this issue? Only 14 votes so far, so I’m doubting it’s being registered as an issue at Asobo. Has anyone found a workaround yet?

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Same issue for me.
AMD 5950x. RTX 3080 ti. Latest drivers. Clean community folder. Fresh Windows 10 install.

The sim is unusable for me. Have spent almost 3 days straight trying to debug and test various hardware and software tweaks. Nothing has worked.

I get CTDs sometimes when loading the sim, sometimes during the sim. I nearly always get CTDs when returning to the main menu and when stopping a recording in Nvidia shadow play.

I built this new PC specifically to play flight simulator and I’m gutted :frowning: My hunch is this affects people with higher spec PCs. I never had this issue when playing MSFS on my laptop.

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After SU6 I have no CTD, now sim works perfect.

Nice. Lucky you :slight_smile:. I’m hoping for a magic update that fixes all my woes but I’m not holding much hope!

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Same here about 60% of the time when trying to end a flight. I generally start flights in 2d, switch to reverb g2 after flight started. Fly mostly in vr, land, exit VR, click the button to go to main menu. If the screen immediately turns black it works as expected you see progress at bottom as it loads back to main menu but after click the button if you still see the flight instead of brief black screen it then CTDs.
And when it does CTD of course the flight is lost from the logbook. Today it was very disappointing because I did my first landing ever in A320 but it crashed on exit flight and didn’t get captured in my log.

It does not seem content or aircraft related as I can have successful flights with the same aircraft and same airports and sometimes success and sometimes CTD.

I hope they can get this fixed, I hate having good flights that don’t get logged in my logbook. I’ve started using Volanta to capture my flights and it does capture evne if the CTD happens, but I only started using that recently asfter the CTDs started.

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Did anyone ever find a fix for this?

Even on an empty community folder it happens, I’ve also deleted the scenerycache and content.xml but still getting CTD randomly when returning to the main menu.