CTD while zooming in on world map

:green_circle: Required

Have you used Developer Mode? Yes

PC Specs: B 550 gaming plus, Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB DDR4 ram, MSI 1660 TI

Aircraft: N/A

Area of the World / Flight Plan: N/A

Airport (If applicable): All

3rd party addons you were using at the time (Mods/add-ons/community content) none

Peripherals: Xbox one Controller

Feedback/Bug Description: Any time I zoom in on any area of the world map to select a start location for my flight the Game will freeze for about 10 seconds and then CTD without any errors. I can bypass this by quickly selecting an airport without zooming in on the world map and start the flight.

:yellow_circle: Optional

[ x] Multiplayer session or [ x] solo flight

Multiplayer settings: [x ] Live Players [x ] All Players [ ] Group Only

Weather settings: Live

Server: [ ] East USA [ ] North Europe [x ] West USA [ ] West Europe [ ] SE Asia

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