CTD with the JustSim EDDH scenery after a few seconds of use

For Christmas I got the JustSim EDDH airport as a gift.

I installed the airport today - looking forward to it. But when I fly around there with the drone or, for example, with the Cessna, I reliably get a CTD within a few seconds, no matter what I try.

I don’t have anything else in the community folder other than the JustSim EDDH extension.

I also did the counter test: if I remove the JustSim extension from the community folder and use the default EDDH airport, everything works as usual without CTD.

Side note: I don’t have CTDs otherwise either. Only with this extension.

Has anyone had the same experience with EDDH from JustSim?
Does anyone have a tip for me what else I could try?

Hi @moadib2709,
I have moved this out of the Bugs & Issues section. The Bugs & Issues are for MSFS default content only - no mods, add-ons or 3rd party.
Thank you!

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