CTDs caused by 3rd party airports

after downloading KTIW always CTD it’s over I will not buy anything in the MSF store :rage:

New updates have arrived at the marketplace! KMIA and LOWZ received the latest versions. Maybe other airports have been fixed as well.

FSDT Vancouver will CTD after approx. 20 minutes flying over the city. This does not happen with the default version of CYVR. No solution yet. The developer does not see a problem with his scenery.

I’m pleased to announce that my CTD issue (described above) involving Orbx KTIW and Pilot Plus EGTB (both bought from the marketplace) is now 100% solved after installing the latest marketplace update for the latter.

However, given the response I got from Zendesk and the third party developer (ORBX in this case), and the total time it took for the issue to get fixed, I’d now be waiting exactly 6+ months before buying my desired addon/s for MSFS 2020 from the marketplace, which is the only place I have always bought and will be buying MSFS 2020 addons from.


I have had a simulair problem and I think, that the software developer doesn’t see the problem because he doesn’t have other developers third party add-ons and community add-ons on his computer, as we do. Some add-ons - even from the same developer - can interfere and causing an CTD.

Ok, I figured this out.

This can happen with any add-on scenery, whether purchased from the Marketplace or downloaded from the interweb (e.g. flightsim.to) and added to your community folder.

And you can fix it yourself. It’s quite straight forward.

What’s happening is that sometimes scenery developers are leaving behind some of the default folder names as they are initially created in the template for a scenery project. Then later, when you have more than one of these scenery addons installed with default names there is a name clash on the folder itself, or more likely one of it’s contained files, that can cause your CTD.

If you look inside the LFOU addon folder, then the MaterialLibs folder you will find a folder called ‘mymaterials’. Here is the cause of the potential name clash.


If you look at the same sub-folder in most other scenery addons you will see that this folder name has been changed to something unique for that airport.

To fix this - simply change the name of that folder to LFOUmaterials. I always use the ICAO code for the airport followed by ‘materials’. This is unlikely to result in a name clash since the ICAO codes are unique to an airport. (I know - teaching grandma to ■■■■ eggs - sorry :slight_smile: ).


Then, at the root folder for the addon scenery you will find a layout.json file. It’s a text file. You need to find and replace each instance of ‘mymaterials’ with ‘LFOUmaterials’ or whatever you called it.


I also recommend two tools to help you with this. You need a good text editor for the find and replace operation. There are many good free text editors. I use ‘VSCode’. I also recommend using ‘Agent Ransack’ to search for any files with the file/folder name you’re changing. With this tool you’ll have confidence that you changed all the files/folder names that needed changing.

I will raise an issue with MS on this issue. There should be some protection against default names that can cause a CTD - obviously.

ps - I also had the same issue with some superb scenery I downloaded from flightsim.to. It is the NZ Westport scenery (NZWS) by NZA. The same fix works for that scenery too. I informed those developers and they are going to provide an update with the fix.

pps - I ran Agent Ransack on my whole OneStore folder and found the same issue with an LFTZ I purchased, and again on my Community folder and found the same issue with a YMAV & LOWK I’ve added.

ppps - I raised the issue with MS. It’s ref #91930


I have the exact same issue with FSDT Vancouver too! I bought it from marketplace and still it crashes. It did so today too.

Have you found any solutions to this at all as it’s a shame this scenery always crashes and developer says there are no crashes.


I really don’t know what the cause of the CTDs is. Last thing I changed was the rolling cache and I set it back to on and use 64GB. Since then I did not have any crashes with CYVR.I can hardly believe that this is the solution.

My Sim is crashing on EVERY Payware or 3rd Party Airports. Thats not acceptable. Also the statement from MSFS_Support on Twitter that all 3rd Patry content may not work after every update is not acceptable. I payed a lot of money and I want to use it. Aircrafts… OK… if flight model changes were made, but simple Airports?? NO. So I am holding off buying anything for MSFS until Microsoft thinks about their policy. Keep staying with XP.


I just saw and took the update for LFOU & the ‘mymaterials’ folder is still called ‘mymaterials’!

Oh well, even if Azurpoly don’t know what to do, at least we know what to do.

Just in case you don’t, and if this scenery affects you, please read my post from Feb-8.

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Thank you for your post, this forum is really a gold mine for information and advice!

I fell in the same bug, and CTD with LFOU from AzurPoly, just because I bought recently from the MarketPlace, LFTZ from Pilotexperiencesim, which brought another mymaterials folder!

I reproduced and fixed those as mentionned, but I think this issue with “mymaterials” folders need to be more spot on by devs, as it is a first class source of CTDs, 100% reproducible

  • If you start at such an impacted airport, then you will 100% CTD when loading flight
  • But more subtle and dangerous, if you are in the vicinity of such an airport (around about 30nm), then you will 100% also CTD when flying !!!

I don’t know how many airports in the MarketPlace hold the issue, but this should be addressed ASAP so to avoid this kind of CTD
Either in the MarketPlace, or in the way duplicate folders are managed in the VFS (there’s a Library.xml file which is very likely to be overwritten when several “MaterialLibs/mymaterials” folders get loaded in VFS…)

I will open another Zendesk TT to highlight again this issue


Anybody else have CTD when approaching TNCM scenery from Airworthy Designs after the latest update?

CTD, in Nantes

Just took a look at TNCM from AWD, they have a subfolder under MaterialLibs that is named: “textures”

If you have another airport that uses the same “textures” subfolder name under MaterialLibs, then you very likely fall under the same bug as reported for LFOU (see the post from @Can0nFodda: CTDs caused by 3rd party airports - #35 by Can0nFodda)

So try to apply the same workaround explained in this post:

  • rename the “textures” subfolder under “Official\OneStore\awdesigns-tncm\materialLibs” folder to: awd-tncm-textures
  • Open the Layout.json file under “Official\OneStoreawdesigns-tncm” with a text editor, and replace all occurences of “MaterialLibs/textures” by “MaterialLibs/awd-tncm-textures”

This should do the trick

3rd party airport?

Yes… :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

So check in your LFRS airport folders, if there’s a MaterialLibs subfolder, and if it contains generic subfolder names. In that case, you likely may hit the same issue

i have checked and all it is ok, no generic subfolder names

So probably another issue

Does it CTD when loading flight?
No update available for this airport?
Did you contact the designer about that?

Ok thx a lot I will try it!