CTSL Tweety

Looking forward to lots of adventures in Tweety…


It took a while until I was really happy with it, but it’s available here:

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Quite nice repaint. Something different -for sure. I likes it!

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I have enhanced the cockpit a little bit and renamed it to “Tweety 2”

edit: Wow Parorng your Flight Sim looks awesome!!! I hope there will finally be a way some day to pre-download over night and long-time save bigger areas like whole counties or states or interesting mountain areas I always choose to fly over with 100GB or 200GB of pre-downloaded Bing HD textures to get rid of this pesky real-time-streaming which absolutely does not work with my rather slow internet.
I wish my flight sim could look THAT AWESOME :smiley:

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Hehe, I was thinking of making the panel yellow at the time, I just didn’t really like it personally - probably should have made the option. I’ll have to check this out more again, seems like an update has made that rego go silver.

Yeah it’s definitely nice having fast internet. The 3rd world country I’m living in has much much better internet than my home (supposedly 1st world) country!

Glad you’re enjoying TWEETY!