Curved Runway at PHNL

Has anyone experienced this? For me only happens at PHNL and would love to get it fixed.


Did you open a support ticket on Zendesk (link at top of page)? That’s how to let the developers know there is an issue. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Or maybe speak to PHNL Maintenance and ask them to hold off Friday night after work drinks if they have to paint lines Saturday morning :slight_smile:


Maybe an aircraft was just pulling out onto the runway, when the line painting vehicle was mid-flow?? :slight_smile:

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I have landed at PHNL several times. No runway there looks like that in my sim so it may be something on your end. If you have nothing in your community folder, I’d be tempted to try a reinstall.

Mine looks the same way

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I did so hopefully they will be able to assist :blush:

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I sent in a support ticket so I’ll let you know what comes of it :relaxed:

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Most likely in a couple days you’ll get an email that they added it to the internal bug tracker (the “real” one that the devs use), and in Zendesk it will be marked “Solved” (just how the software works, doesn’t mean actually solved). :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

Mine looks the same way. No add-ons in my version.

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Those Japan airport and elevation fixers should be available soon to help! Exciting times.

I noticed that on mine as well. Thanks for reporting it so the airport crew can get out there and re-paint the line!

Maybe its really like that ? lol

I’ve seen sun kinks before, but only on railways. This one was new :grinning:

irrelavent , You just wanted to say ’ kink’ . lol

It’s a Bing Maps problem: