Custom AI Traffic flightplans no longer working, only randomly selected aircraft presented

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Brief description of the issue:

Before the last update I used cutom AI traffic compiled in bgl files by AIFP and placed under the following folder:
D:\Software\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020\Community\AI Traffic\scenery\World\Traffic
Just like the basic official offline traffic and this worked great.
After 3 months of being inactive on MSFS I started up again and offcourse I had to update the program.
So I did, however to discover that the custom AI Traffic flightplans are no longer working.
I do have traffic at each airport, but with randomly selected aircraft by the sim.
I have tried recompiling, restarting, changing settings,… notting works and the random aircraft remain.

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I"m not sure I can provide a screenshot other then an ATR42 by Pakistan International Airlines which is flying out of Frankfurt Airport, which is of course not according to any flightplan.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Create a folder in the community section: D:\Software\Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020\Community\AI Traffic\scenery\World\Traffic
  1. Place all of the Traffic.bgl files of my airlines here
  2. Compiled the Json layout file and manifest according to the requested steps by the game
  3. In the sim setting set up AI Offline + 100% aircraft density + generic aircraft to off + Traffic variety to Ultra
    Up until recently this worked and all of the AI Traffic plans where presented accordingly.
    Now, after updating 2 days ago, this no longer worked and I only see randomly selected aircraft by the game itself.

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Not relevant

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

2 days ago after updating. Note that I was abscent of simming for 3 months

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have you checked the MSFS settings? Have they maybe reset to Live AI and static airplanes at airports?

Hello Kaiii3

I have indeed checked these settings and this is not the problem I’m afraid.
Settings are effectively standing on AI Offline with 100% density and static aircraft is down to 0%

Not sure if it’s exactly the same issue as the one you reported, but offline BGL traffic is completely broken since SU10 …

i think you get some explanations here → Offline AI Traffic - Windows system time used to spawn AI Traffic - no effect changing sim time/date

So if you do some schedules yourself you just won’t find your aircraft at the desired time/location, it’s all spawned via broken/buggy rules :slight_smile:

hasn’t been fixed since SU10, it’s fair to assume that it will never be fixed unfortunately because i don’t think they care about that, most people use live traffic or external traffic generators programs and AI traffic certainly hasn’t been the strong point of MSFS, it’s even a lot worse than it was in the 20 years old FSX (most of the rest is fantastic though :slight_smile: ).

Why would you put .bgl files to that traffic folder? Why you dont make pack to be placed in community folder? I dont recodemmen to build asobos stock .json’s at all. Gamod .bgl’s works just great with su15.

Thank you for your feedback.

However I do not yet understand what you mean in making a pack and place it in the community folder.
Can you sketch the details?

The way I see it, I follow Asobo’s basic steps for this and I have my bgl-files in a package folder.

It is also strange that these bgl files worked great until the last update.

In the meanwhile I discovered that the flightplans of these bgl-files are stil working, it is just the game that now randomly selects other aircraft then assigned by the bgl-file.
So, I do not think the problem is the folder nor the file, but definitely a change in the basic selection after simupdate 15.

Thank you

Hi @SNBPilot,
w.r.t your “custom AI traffic compiled in bgl files by AIFP”, is this related to the Dynamic Flight Plan product from the Alpha India Group, or other product from that company? - Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Without knowing the composition of the blg & related files, this issue is going to be hard to reproduce. It may be that some change made to the Navigation/Traffic functionality in SU15 (see the release notes) has caused what you are seeing but knowing the composition of the blg & related files would be really helpful in order to attempt to figure out what is going wrong.