Custom airports mixes up the object's texture

I have big number of custom airports which looked just great before MSFS update
After this update the selected airport is using the texture file from another airport (separate folder in the Community).
For example, I have XXXX airport with custom terminal which uses texture. Another airport YYYY has a different custom terminal object with different texture but with the same name
So, after loading in XXXX I see XXXX terminal with YYYY texture.
Both airports XXXX and YYYY are in separate folders in the Community folder.
Again, before update everything was good.

As a simple fix - to rename all textures to and and rebuild every object with new texture filename.
There are a lot of work for 50+ airports.
But again, what was the reason to change the texture loading logic?

Any ideas or thoughts how to fix it quickly are always welcome.

C+H is the shortcut to find and replace every instance.

Here’s a thread about it, TNCM / TFFG issues!

Thank you for reply, but it’s not. This trick is for materials only.
For models (objects) you need to change the output path for every gltf object file.

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This is a bug that was discussed in the SDK forum soon after the release of SU5 (a day or two). The developers discovered it investigating another problem, and it was supposed to be fixed in WU6. Essentially, the VFS was ignoring paths and sharing textures across directories. It sounds like this is the problem you are describing.

Yes. Finally I renamed all textures to corresponded airport. Every airport has its unique textures.
Easy fix for now and for the future bugs )))