"Custom decals" for liveries?

Hi, not Knowing if Im out of line here, but just shooting from the hip, out of knowledge…

There is a “issue” with mirrored textures for some aircrafts, Making it Hard, if not impossible (hope not) to make some liveries, or markings.
Thinking mainly of the Asobos Junker ju 52 here, where The left entery door “steals” texture from the right side fuselage.

In The texture folder, there is a “decal” stencil/texture, Also The original liveries use some kind of patches for the fiferent colors?
So Im just Thinking out loud, if there is a way to make custom decals, or patches or whatever, to cover The doors rendered texture somehow?

Searched, but Im not realy sure what to search for, and came up with nothing. Just hoping its my lack of knowledge here. :sweat_smile:

Best reggards.

Yes it’s possible, but far from trivial:

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Wow, Great!
To bad it seems to be way out of my current skills… Have to take a dive into this.
Thanks for reply!

There’s also “Submidel Merging”, but that hasn’t been implementer yet afaik… SDK Documentation

Maybe it’s implemented, but no any samples and only 3D Studio Max

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Thanks! Spending a couple of hours now, reading The linked post, and watching The YT video… I manage to get some, but Havent worked in Blender enough to make this tho…

Its Hard to learn old dogs to sit they say. :sweat_smile:

This really was a great help from @mixMugs and I hope the subject is developed further so that in the end there can be a simpler tool for painters like me, who have issues with modelling and coding.

Good post and good link!

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Yes, i spent a couple of hours now in Blender, and ■■■■ if im not starting to understand a bit of it now anyway! :sweat_smile:

Its even possible i migt just get this to work… soon… :wink:

Awesome work, and a great tutorial!

Thanks to Adis video, and Mugz tutorial i manage to get a decal patch over rear passenger door! :smiley: Great effort guys!

Havent got The textures to blend on the decal as I want yet, but some tweaking might just Do The trick! :slight_smile:

Manage to get this far… But i cant get the texture to load at the decal?
Checked that its corectly namned, and the texture file is in the TEXTURE folder…
If i import the model created in blender, the texture is rendered, but not ingame?
What am i missing here :worried:

EDIT: Never mind! :partying_face:
Dont know exactly what i messed up, but finaly i got it to work! :+1:
A realy big thanks, specialy to Adi & Mugz! Realy helpfull tutorials.