DA62X Improvement Mod (SU5, v0.5.0.2,Sep 26)

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There sadly is no animation. the blades are turned to 89°. Drag is reduced, but yeah, no animation. Also the game doesn’t seem zo actually have feathering at this moment

Also the engine needs to be above 1300 rpm to feather.

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it needs about 3 presses to clear the ice

just the fact that the core autopilot is broken

This generic statement does not answer any of my specific questions.

I noticed that the behaviour of the AP recently changed. While shooting ILS approaches worked reasonably well until a couple of days ago, now it doesn’t.

I believe it’s valid to ask whether others are experiencing the same issue, and whether we know what causes the changed behaviour.

(I searched the Self-service area for existing bug reports before I asked here.)

I’ll take a look at the PIDs see if i can improve it

Ok, obviously I did NOT do exactly this, otherwise it would have worked…my bad!

So: I found out both the problem with the alternators failing and the problem with the load only going up to ~70% at full throttle are caused by an incompatibility with the “YourControls” mod (for shared cockpit). With incompatibililty, I mean just having the folder of this mod in the Community-folder ( without having a shared cockpit session active).

EDIT: And if i had read through the previous posts more thorougly, I would have seen that this is already known… facepalm

Edit2: @OkkoAurelian You have been faster with your reply than I was with the edit… I gladly admit that you informed me thusly. :wink:


Just because it’s so rare that I’m right, I need to point out that I told you so!


Glad you found the culprit!

(I was going to delete this post after I saw that you quoted me, but I guess every bit of visibility helps in this case, because it’s probably affecting more people.)

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Hehe, see my second edit. :wink:

I had a look at the folder structure of the two mods, I guess the problem arises from (one of) these two conflicting files:

what am i seeing here? just comparing whats different to the default version?

No, as stated I am comparing the folder structure of the two mods (DA62X and YourControl). They both have the subfolders “.\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_DA62”.

As a next step, I also compared to the default DA62 in the “Official” folder. The difference of the PANEL.CFG is very easy to visualize (left: DA62X, middle: YourControl, right: default:

So here the analysis is straightforward: the two mods define different “Vcockpit05” objects.

The difference in the DA62_INTERIOR.xml is much more messy, I won’t post a screenshot there.
For the DA62X-Part, it is quite clear, that you added stuff in there that is not present in the default version. But why YourControl also has this file, I do not understand. It differs from the default one only marginally - and strangely: Different XML-Tags <ModelBehaviors> vs. <Behaviors>, different variable name L vs I. I’m beginning to suspect that the YourControl-File is just an older version of the default one but this of course is a topic for the YourControl-Dev, I will add an issue on his GitHub page.

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All good here MTM - flew the storm path across Florida this morning with live weather and did a fun Rnav landing in a 37knot crosswind - awesome :slight_smile:


pretty. if only i could run ultra settings. :confused:

What kind of PC are you running?

a 1080 and a 8700k at 5 ghz. 1440p though.

i can get 60 ish at the beginning, but after 2 hrs its basically unplayable.

Hi all, can someone explain to me or send me info regarding community folder priority order, I’m pretty sure I saw it in here a while ago?

Your mod has been downloaded and used by many people. A “buymeacoffe” or such link would help to buy a 3090+5950XT. :slight_smile:

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I have the g1000 mods first, then planes, liveries, scenery

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thanks, but i dont wanna get money involved


Interesting. Degrading performance. I have not found that personally, but I have heard about it. I sit around 35FPS dipping to 25 in dense areas with heavy weather. Mostly High settings but clouds and a few others on Ultra.

i already consider 35 unplayable lol