Danger of addiction with MSFS 2020?

Yes! There is a great danger of addiction for people who want to learn to fly with MSFS 2020! This dangerous addiction, ends with flying with a real airplane and becoming a real pilot! Mostly my flight students were the people who started with Microsoft flight simulator (different versions)! :slight_smile:


I’m already addicted to MSFS. I fly everyday at least 2 flights. I’m flying airline routes using FBW A320 :smiley:


Indeed. I have already been notified by my better half that I spend too much time with this “game”…


Proud addict here!


Yep, addicted, although would rather use the word passion. Been on Sim and Forum every day since very 1st Alpha day! My wife comments: “if the shoe was on the other foot!”, ie if she had a passion would I be so tolerant? I would hope so! Cheers.

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One thing that I’m very interested in knowing more about:
Whether someone from MSFS Forum Friends is interested in flying with MSFS, flying with a real plane (as a pilot, of course! :slight_smile: ) If a man is his wife, and if a woman is, her husband disagrees, or even a real one is afraid of flying, or does not have enough money and etc?





FS4 got me in when I was 11. Now I’m an A320 captain, but still here too!


funny! :rofl: :joy: :joy: :rofl:

Nice to see you Captain! What do you think about A320 in MSFS (for example flying with fbw a320 nx)?

I’m pretty “addicted” to this simulator, but I’d prefer “passionate” or “interested in”.

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Well I didn‘t make it into a commercial cockpit, never intended to, but FS95 was the end of my free life too. Highly addicted to aviation and at the age of hardly 15 I went for the real planes… since then my wallet has really been f*cked :rofl:


It gets expensive, reeeeeally expensive, and it’s not an overly good industry to be in. But I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Haven’t flown a day since 8 October. MLB Postseason, ya know?

Now that baseball is over for the year I may “backslide” into MSFS again, but then again, I may join MSFS Anonymous. :slight_smile:

I’m so lucky that I don’t have enough money for the PPL.

But warning ! Addiction cause frustration, as you can see it in a lot of other threads :joy:

There appears to be sub FS addictions. The sim, the platform, maybe a particular aircraft in the sim, another is these forums, hard core addicts do lines of all of these simultaneously. My name is ---- I have a 4 virtual flights a day in the A320NX and constant forum reload problem. I now have a new PC on order. Help me… :rofl:

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Hi Brag… Hi…. Hello… Welcome… Sit down please! Would you like to have a coffee? :joy:


I’m in the denial phase still.

I don’t have a problem with MSFS, I only have a problem without MSFS !