DC-6 Viewable?

I don’t have the PMDG plane. I saw someone’s plane showing as a dc6 but it appears as a 777 or similar. How can we see those for what they are?


You can’t, unless you buy the same aircraft.

The immersion of seeing the actual aircrafts people use is not something they prioritize.


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Oh well… :crazy_face:

I know. Wait until you see helicopters represented by cessnas hovering in front of you.

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Should have made the Marketplace such that all 3rd party aircraft merchants have to add the display model to the base aircraft list for everyone. Makes sense to me. Then if u see a very nice looking aircraft, you may want to purchase it. In any case, we would not have a hovering cessna that is really a 3rd party helicopter.

I bet I will see lots of Cessna’s zooming by at the speed of an f22 soon.

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I can’t understand how they haven’t thought about this. Would even work somewhat with aircraft not sold in the marketplace, bc with everyone that provides a “display model”, the depiction would get better and better with some simple rules a la: if aircraft is this type x, but type x not installed, revert to type y.

I’m afraid that it’s too late now and I’m wondering if this glaring problem is ever getting some attention or fix.

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I would think that a simple polygon algorithm should be able to generate a usable representation of any current 3d model. If you load up with a non-default aircraft the algorithm could produce a model that others would get from the cloud just like any other 3d scenery object. The other user would only need to download when the object is in visual range and a mip map could prevent trying to display a hi-res version when it is still just a discernible object and show the full res version when up close only.

As far as all the other users are concerned it is just a scenery object.

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There is a Wishlist topic for that:

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