DC Designs - F-15 Strike Eagle (C, D, E & I)

Here’s my 2c.
Default to all MFD’s being on the menu option (showing no data).

Maybe, although the data might still be ticking along behind so not 100% sure that would work. Don’t worry though, it’ll get fixed, can’t have those Eagles slacking :slight_smile:


I recently picked up this plane and it’s a blast to fly. I am having an issue programming a flight plan into the FMC. The 0 key won’t change to / when I hit it 2 times. As a result I can’t program the start/destination into the FMC.

Press and hold the button

I have the latest version, 1.6.0
MSFS 2020, as well. Tried many times to remove it and reinstall, still the same.Looks weird
Any advices ?


I think that is caused by the old weapons pack. Replace with the up to date version should cure that.

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Can you please tell me how to replace it?

Download the upto date version either from the outlet you originally got it from or from the DC Designs discord channel

I have the latest version, from Justflight.com
Thank you

There is an apparent communication disconnect here… :laughing:

Batterby76 almost certainly meant to say download it [The updated reactivation weapons pack] from Flightsim.to. The marketplace doesn’t have the weapons reactivation pack, and it is the only webstore that would require you to install a mod to get the weapons “back”.

I imagine most people subscribe to DC Designs’ Discord channel, where the most up to date weapons pack was first released that addressed the issue was initially the only place to download it. Your issue is consistant with the original weapons pack causing the missing 3d model and why the weapons reactivation mod was quickly updated.

…unless Batterby76’s post right after yours was meant for someone else.

If I can’t fix it, I’ll uninstall forever everything from DC Designs
Thank you for your reply

I understand your frustrations.

A few days ago on Tuesday, I felt like that about MSFS itself. But, I’m a glutton for punishment it seems.

Every 3 to 4 months: “Thank you Sir…may I have another.” :pensive:

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You need to delete the weapon activation add on you downloaded as it is conflicting with the plane to cause this hug.
Flightsim.to have the latest version of the weapon activation add on which you can then try after you confirm that the bug is fixed.

DC Designs fixed this issue very quickly after it manifested.
You can join their discord for help and support.
I heartily recommend you don’t boycott their products as they are fantastic.

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Does anybody know if there’s a manual gear release mechanism in the F-15C? I was joyriding and ran out of fuel, and while I had a nice flat desert to land in I couldn’t lower the gear due to an ‘OLEO’ warning (presumably no hydraulic pressure once the engines were off). In some planes there’s a manual crank or pump, but I couldn’t find one either looking around the cockpit or going over the manual.

Is there a way to manually lower the gear if the engines fail, or would you just eject IRL? :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to bring any further updates to the F-15 Package? It would be great to see it given some TLC, systems and texture wise. Also not sure if multiplayer limitations are still in place, but it would be lovely to actually see other players cockpits, pilots, WSO’s, afterburners, gears etc when they are being used.

Yes, a comprehensive update is being done on all of our aircraft this year, I’m not planning on any new releases from the Spring onwards. Multiplayer is still an issue in the sim, but we have some new tricks that do make that side of things better, with long-range LOD models visible out to around 8 nautical miles, visible fuel-tanks in multiplayer, crew back visible again ( a sim update broke that, not us ) and other things too.


Understandable, I know the Sim has been a bit all over the place for Developers, so appreciate you still pushing through with these updates for the player experience. Thanks Dean!


Oh hey, the Portland Air National Guard base got its first F-15EX last week!

Alas I don’t have the time to learn livery-making well enough to adapt the F-15I model with a livery for it. :wink: