DC Designs - F-15 Strike Eagle (C, D, E & I)

Hi folks!

Let’s talk Eagles! DC Designs has managed to create an amazing piece of work with the Strike Eagle release. I’m a huge fan of the real aircraft, so I was quick to jump in and fly around.

Since version 1.0 the Eagles have been my go-to operational fighter. It sounds amazing - that start-up sequence is one of the best sounding sequences I’ve heard so far. It flies great, handles I believe like you’d expect (I’m no fighter pilot, but I’ve got an imagination). I’ve got some trouble with landing but I believe the added challenge of mastering that high alpha approach and managing your throttles adds to the fun. Can’t wait to see what else DC has in store for this jet, and others.

What are your thoughts on it? Please keep this thread courteous and relevant to the primary product - if you have a modification you’d like to discuss please create a separate thread.

You can view DC Designs media page here: https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=2156295428024778&ref=content_filter
F-15 via JustFlight: Just Flight - DC Designs F-15 C, D, E & I Eagle (for MSFS)


Thanks for setting this focused thread up. I also really like the F-15, and have enjoyed seeing it improve since its release.


Thanks for starting this new thread! Folks, feel free to share suggestions for the Eagles and any bugs you notice with the aircraft when you’re flying it. Another update is planned for a month or so’s time, and community suggestions will be the driving force behind what gets added or altered. I try to drop by here as much as I can to keep up with what Eagle drivers would like to see in their aircraft, and will try to accommodate as much as I can.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks for setting this up and the fresh start :+1:

Not a fighter pilot either but have some F-16 experience in Falcon BMS & I’ve been doing a bit of flight model testing in the F-15s. In the F-16 the pilots tend to extend the speed brakes when coming in to land as the PW engines take a while to spool up and the brakes help to keep the revs in the sweet zone just in case they need to go around. Works pretty well in the F-15 too.

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I’ve been really enjoying this plane as well, and was happy to see it make its way to the Marketplace!

No real-world pilot experience (just played a lot of combat flight sims 25 years ago) so I’m treating it as a fun “go real fast” plane without worrying much about the flight model details. I flew around Los Angeles this morning and practiced intercepting and following airliners – ended up making a successful landing at KLAX after one I was following did a go-around and left room for me to finish landing in its place. :wink:

I enjoy that it’s a more powerful plane than the jet trainers that are available (though I also really like the new T-45C), and that its avionics seem to actually work!

The F-15E and F-15I have HUDs; as with other planes, you have to choose between blurry HUD with TAA or pixelated buildings with DLAA antialiasing, but that’s out of the developer’s hands. Eventually Asobo needs to find a way to make HUDs work right in TAA…

It also makes me smile that the F-15C and F-15D are the actual planes flown by my local Oregon Air National Guard fighter wing, so I can wave at the static scenery F-15s on the ground while taking off from Portland International where they’re hosted. :wink: (The static fighters are part of the add-on KPDX airport scenery; they may not be visible on the standard scenery.) The local wing is supposed to get new F-15EXes in the next couple years, which is an update to the F-15E with some of the capabilities of the F-15I if I recall correctly.


Used to live down south over here in the UK and regularly rode my Ducati motorcycle up to RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath (both USAF bases) to watch the comings and goings so I know where you’re coming from :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Used to be a brilliant airshow every year at Mildenhall but sadly 9/11 put an end to all that :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’d like to have the G-breath, would that be possible, Dean ?

Ooooh, controversial one that, some folks love it, others can’t stand it. I will talk to the sound guy about it, maybe have it come on only at high-G for instance.

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Well, the best you could do with the next update ( s ) would be a pilot body from the cockpit view
Arms on the joystick / throttle and legs on the pedals
But that’s just a dream

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Thanks @angenerve! it has been a great decision on your part. I am glad that this product can finally enjoy its own official channel! It has earned so hard!


I can hear what you’re saying but I wouldn’t want this to affect frame rates and aircraft performance in the sim. That’s the main priority for me tbh.

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I really want to do that, and have been looking into it. The Eagles in FSX and Prepar3D had this, and you could click on the body to make it disappear. I’m going to ask Asobo about how best to use bone animations to do this kind of thing. The biggest problem is that the arms often get in the way of the switches and things that you need to use, so have to think about a way to make it work well.


It would be great but that’s just a whim
Still playing with the SDK but after the latest update, my performance is incredible poor
8, 9 fps, sometimes even worse
Does it affect my flight_model editing, the performance?
I’m not talking about higher speeds, etc
Roll, pitch, etc

RTX 3090, I7 9700K@5,1 GHz, 32 GB DDR4, 4k resolution, 1 Gbps internet speed

I think quite a few folks have seen a performance hit after the latest update. I’m not enough of a hardware/MSFS sim expert to advise you though. There are a lot of other MSFS forums full of folks who are. Maybe check them out?


Yes, there a massive threads out there on this exact thing. @DUKE7483958
I experience this issue as well.

@Aviattore7040 Unless you messed up something in your flight_model.cfg, for example missing a " , " (comma) in a table, or don’t have the proper formatting in a table or for a variable.
That could cause issues on loading in as there is a synax/compile error in the file.

I’d also suggest checking out the SDK discussion area. Lots of good topics and info in there to help you get your bearings.

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I wonder if these sounds could be enabled or disabled via a swtich, similar to the ground visuals you have. Maybe the G breathing sound is tied on and off to a switch for those who want to enable or disable the sound…but I don’t know if you would want to go down that route. Just a thought.

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How about a new EX version in the future?

As the HUD is currently difficult to see, on approach it is often hard to see the AOA indication. Rather than keep looking down at the analogue gauge is it possible to have AOA indexer lights fitted ? No idea if its even possible but lots of mil aircraft use them. Not sure if the real F15 has them. Its easier to see the light next to the HUD than looking into the cockpit. Maybe just a temporary measure until the HUD can be improved. Really like this jet.


Jack - did you create a thread for your mod work? Sorry just catching up with the forum change

Yes the dc designs f15 is great ! I enjoy those minimum radius turns with afterburner or the unrestricted climb to 50,000 ft :slightly_smiling_face:. The sound barrier noise is pretty cool too

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