DC Designs F-15

Anyone bought it yet?


I’ve got it. Just had a quick shot in VR. It looks potentially amazing but its a total FPS killer for me. Even dialling down my VR settings I was still only getting about 18FPS. My spec is i7 5Gz and RTX 3080.

I’ll need to have more of a fiddle with things but as we all know so many aircraft in this sim really push computer hardware to the limits.

edit. It seems to be fine on the screen. Exterior view solid 60FPS with most settings on high/ultra. Interior view there’s a bit more of an FPS hit. Might have to turn some settings down. Lovely model. Really well done. I’d definitely recommend it if fast jets are your thing.


I am about to purchase.Don’t have VR but should run well on my ultrawide.Will post some pics.

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Definitely waiting for reviews on this one before purchasing.


The only issue I’m having with it is a big FPS drop flying in cockpit. Reading comments on the DC Designs Facebook page it seems to be a common issue with those of us with a RTX 3080 or 3090. Its tempting to think its an issue with the cards but I just did a quick test there with the MB-339 and I get a good 15FPS more flying in exact same location and conditions. Really not sure whats causing the FPS hit. Probably a combination of things.

Sadly VR with it is just not happing. Way too much of an FPS hit. Dialling settings down doesn’t really make much difference.

Like I said though all of this seems only to be an issue on for the new RTX cards. Everyone else seems to be fine. Its otherwise a great addition to the sim. The cockpit has some pretty low res textures but apparently thats going to be fixed soon with an update.

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It’s a lot of fun and the speed adds different dimensions to the sim. I just flew across the Falklands skimming over the landscape and the sea.

Supersonic functionality will definitely be a welcome addition for this.

The textures are a bit glitchy though. There are strange expanding blobs on the wings that seem to be affected by exposure to sunlight.

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Same with a 2080 card here like 60+FPS outside and mostly 15 to 28FPS in the cockpit , does not feel comfortable flying it at this framerate with trackIR. Some other issues:

-HUD glitches (on TAA not on other aliasing settings)
-Some textures glitching on the panel
-Most switches/Panel functions are INOP (Didn’t expect everything to work but didn’t expect it to be like as it is now either)
-Lights are misplaced on the outside
-Decals are blurred out as they are on the main fuselage texture(could be using separate decal textures for this)
-Speed could be mach 2.5 (speed is not limited by modern flightmodel as several addons have mach speeds with modern flightmodel)

It’s a pretty nice FSX to native MSFS port could do with some work on higher polycount/textures in some places (DC designs already stated this will be addressed in a future update) and some tweaks to get the FPS hit in the cockpit fixed and some better HUD and fixing all above stated issues.

Expected a bit more polished product for the price tho (yet another addon that needs several hours of DIY repairs)

ps. there are 2 models and the other 2 models are found in the liveries section of those 2 models

Flying this in VR jet is so much fun.
BUT: the cockpit view has a huge impact on performance (VR and Flat)
No matter how much I reduced the resolution, my PC couldn’t go beyond max 30-32 FPS , even though the utilization of the GPU and CPU decreased. It must be a bug.
The performance seems to be okay in the external view.

For comparison, with the mb 339 jet I have about 48 FPS in the cockpit view with same scenery.


CPU: I7 10700K AllCore 5.1GHz
MB: MSI Z490 Gaming Plus
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC
RAM: 32GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3600 CL16
PSU: be quite! 750W Straight Power 11

Scale Settings:
OpenXR Renderscale: 100%
Ingame TAA + Renderscale: 70% (60% for recording)

I’m still waiting for it, so i can buy in the marketplace not in there yet. but it says available
DC Designs F-15 now available for MSFS!

Just took this for a spin. Absolutely fantastic addition to the game, and will only get better as DC is very transparent and precise with his updates. The one issue I’m mostly having right now is blurry HUD visuals when moving. Using a Rift S and RTX3090 I’m not having any FPS issues that prevent me from flying, maintaining 30+ at all times. That being said, there is definitely a hit as I’m getting double that outside and when the battery master is off.

There are a lot of ‘INOP’ switches but that is certainly to be expected in a fighter right now. There’s no SDK functionality for any real fighter jet functionality (RWR, Radar, Tracking, Guns, Carrier-compatibility, so on and so forth). Naturally as the SDK matures this too will be improved immensely.

Still able to enjoy the aircraft thankfully, and I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to fly around in a fighter. :slight_smile:


The huge cockpit view FPS hit is definitely a weird one. Strange that its not universal for everyone but its certainly effecting quite a few people it seems. Anyone getting 30FPS is doing well. I’ve tried a few times now to get it going in VR but I’m getting 10-15FPS. Its just unusable, which is a bit sad as I was looking forward to flying it in VR.

TBH I wasn’t expecting a lot of operational cockpit buttons. DC Designs did make it clear the model was aimed more towards fun rather than simulation.

Did other buyers get all four models? I only have two showing.

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the FPS in Cockpit View must be a bug.?!

The cpu load and gpu load decrease while in cockpit. but fps goes down.

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Getting 20-30ish fps in the cockpit on a mediocre PC,Its a lot of fun though! I am sure the plane will receive further updates and I cannot fully jump to conclusions as this its first day of release!

I just bought it and … I don’t know … I have mixed feelings about it.

The flight model is more or less decent with a few bugs, for example the wing location is further back than it should:

Moments of inertia doens’t follow any logic:


when it should be:


If the logic is maneuverability, is the aerodynamics section what should be tweaked instead of copy/pasting from another plane.

the aerodynamics can be improved… that is, it is an airplane that can be flown… but it seems to be copied from another without testing enough.

Regarding to the maximum speed, the f15 eagle is capable of mach 2.5+, but this version does not pass above 670 kts, nor at high altitude, (unlike the eurofighter typhoon that i already have and which reach perfectly 2.2).

Cockpit: both versions HUD, textures are blurry… not to mention, the horrendous fps drop i suffer by non sense.

Workaround, enter panel.cfg and comment all the gauges for example:

gauge00=F15_MFD!F15_MFD, 12,12,1000,1000 // MFD Left Display → //gauge00=F15_MFD!F15_MFD…

Perfect 60fps now (is worth the sacrifice because the hud and mfd etc,
don’t contribute too much in info…):

The visuals are ok with any glitch like when i nose up and the wings froze until i nose down:

(sorry about hdr washed colors)

Automatic pilot can be improved too…

I don’t know, I feel like having spent 35€ to have to remake the flight model, the engine, etc. at my whim. Looks like I’m only paying for a animated 3D model with 3d virtual cockpit and html bad coded panels. Seen like this, I see the purchase profitable, but I don’t feel like I’m piloting a real F-15 … I honestly expected a lot more quality from a company like this …


Its new give it sometime and I cannot judge the flight model.Its not like I flew the real thing.The devs have to work with what they have for now and I do not expect it to be in that state forever.If you follow up the state of the SDK this is what you will expect at least for now. Don’t blame the devs for this.

can you please explain that in more detail?
where to find / enter that panel.cfg? and do i only have to copy youre values?

Is not so dificult.

F-35c from dinno cattaneo, reworked engines ad flight model:

If i can do this in 2h for free…

That F-35 and the Eurofighter can go above Mach one because they’re based on the old legacy flight model. The F-15 is based on the new FS2020 flight model and thats limited to 750kts.

Yes, go to the airplane directory, in this case F15-c, look for panel folder and panel cfg and replace:

If you are in developer mode, just resync, if not, just restart the game (do a backup of panel.cfg just in case).