DCD Concorde doesn't behave

Hello, I purchased Concorde long ago, when I purchased addon, I did only fly around airport and landed. In that time it worked good.
Few weeks ago I wanted to do my 1st flight EGLL to KJFK.
I set all, fuel, route, SID etc… but it even want to take off. Ended in grass/trees/houses at end of runway.
I did have will to bother it with it.
Last night I wanted again to fly it. But I want to check will it fly. I set fuel, CG was 54,5. It took off, but once in the air, it first goes nose up more than 30°, I hardly make it with my full stick forward and trim to make it level. After that is starts to lean left and doesn’t want to level wings even after full right input on stick.

I have no such problems on any other aircraft and do have various other, from default to payware.

I didn’t find solution on the internet, so did anyone here had such a problems and if do, how do you solve it?

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I fly the DCD Concorde all the time and have no such issue. It sounds like you are having an issue with pitch trim not being set correctly. It should be set between 4-6 on take off. Even if you set it when starting up, check it again before your takeoff roll and adjust as required.

I also suggest you try a few practice takeoffs with the aircraft loaded in on the runway. Just quickly set your fuel so CofG is reasonable, set pitch trim then go. If this works but you still can’t get trim set correctly from cold and dark, make sure you doing all the steps in the checklist as you may be missing setting something critical.

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