DCS Clouds vs MSFS Clouds

Some of you might have seen the new videos released by DCS World and it showcases their new volumetric clouds. Here is one

It seems like MSFS has a serious competitor when it comes to clouds. Now the question is which one do you guys think look better? MSFS clouds or DCS clouds?


how do they produce the clouds, if it goes via picture stuff, that tends to get samish soon.
the beauty of the msfs clouds is, there is hardy any repetition, an endless variety.


I get that there may not be a fully modelled weather system with the new upcoming DCS clouds but they are definitely 3D volumetric noise rendered clouds, not old billboard tech. They are the same tech MSFS is using so who knows they could change shape and appearance. I don’t think details have been shared yet from DCS. Either way they do look very nice in the trailers and I think it’s a fair comparison in clouds alone.


MSFS wins here but not by a lot.

Thank you, I hadn’t seen it. Really beautiful, I can’t wait for it to come out!
there’s no planet represented, real time weather, ok, it just offers something MFS doesn’t know how to do yet, the feeling of flying a real plane and allowing you to make great videos… :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I didn’t see any storms in the DCS clip. Do those count?

Clip at 3.06 does look like clouds are building and dispersing much the same way as MSFS. Personally, I’m pretty happy about the MSFS cloudscape … seen more stratus and high stratocumulus of late, even if some ‘classic’ formations are missing…

I plan to fully invest in DCS world, just as soon as they have a ‘study level 737’ available :rofl:

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Mmmmm…contrails…c’mon DX12…


I agree with you! Clouds do look very nice in DCS trailers. I feel like we might see more simulators coming out with volumetric clouds and competition can only be good for MSFS.


I don’t think there are storms in DCS. MSFS has a lot more variety for sure.

DCS isn’t a full open world sim I would hope it’s clouds would be leaps and bounds superior than an open world sim along with performance.

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dcs is very nice yes, main problem is however, way way too expensive and its extremely

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Will DCS clouds produce icing effects?

yes but not for the first release.

Yet, you apparently fully invested in MSFS, and we seem very far from a study level 737 in this sim as well… :wink:

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Lets get ready to Rumble!!! Fight Fight Fight.
Rex and HIFI (Active Sky) get in the ring and join the Fight!!!

DCS looks fantastic

It has combat aircraft and helicopters that are very well modelled , MSFS has zero so I will take the DCS clouds and the comabat ac and helicopters :wink:

Why should we have to buy addons for the base sim for MSFS as its so expensive to begin with.