"Decathlon" Achievement is unobtainable

On behalf of several people on the Trueachievements community (achievement hunters website); it would be great if this specific achievement could get some traction. I’ve been playing since it launched on Gamepass and only got 30% towards the Decathlon one.

My suggestions could be:

  • Add spotlight events on a more regular basis
  • Option to re-do previous events, that will count for the Decathlon achievement again
  • Change the requirements of the achievement to less spotlight events



and i forgot its not a hard work , they where weekly challenges befor , so should not be much work for the Flight Sim Team to bring just a challenge a week and let rotate it trough the year .


I would just like to echo the sentiments already expressed in this thread. I absolutely love flight sim and would love if the events were a little more regular in order to get this achievement!

I hope the team can consider a solution for this! Thanks!


that are very good ideas , and i hope that something will happen about that :slight_smile:


adding my vote to get some attention on this. this is a flagship game for MS. its achievements should work.


Another person here to ask for more events. It seems stupid Tom Cruise has blocked any chance of new events since it takes the only spot they can appear in.


voted a while ago but agree with earlier suggestions to put a rotation in for earlier events

Or just have one of the many landing challenges in the game classed as a spotlight event each week, have it appear on the home menu with the tag ‘Spotlight Event’ and away we go

The landing challenges already exist so the ‘only’ thing they need to do is have a different one set as a Spotlight Event each week - hell, i’d even take a rotation every month as so far we’ve had just 4 in the 18 months since Xbox launch so 12 per year would be a huge increase


I would also like to add my voice respectfully to this forum. I was hopeful to finish off this achievement list 12 months ago but since then the paltry number of new events is disappointing. I agree that it appears to be an easy fix that just needs some minimal attention from the devs. I hope the community can benefit from positive discussion and results!


For months only Maverick appears. The top left corner offers nothing of new stuff. It is really sad that they do not care and update it.


Normally, it should have pages, you can scroll through. I had the Maverick page and one landing challenge, the last time a challenge appeared.

Since i had to delete my original progress (because the bush flights achievement) there is only a “Welcome”-page, no Maverick or else.
So seems like, it depends on gamers actions/progress, what pages are shown.

From my IT-experiences, there is no need for updates to add landing challenges. It should work server side, like the ingame store sales banners and sales itself. If i’m right, it should a lot, lot easier, since it don’t even requires update downloads.


Yes it would be easy to add some challenges. @FaIoran Why did you have to delete your progress concerning the bush trip achievements ?

I did not got the achievement for the Balkan bush flight, for some reason. Even i’m absolutly shure, i have not clicked on the back to route-button.
I did everything again on my wifes console from scratch and afterwards, my original progress was lost, even i keeped the progress on my console, disconnected it from the internet and deleted the cloud save on her console, after i was done.

Funny side note, on her console, i got the Balkan, Nevada and Completionist achievements, but this time not the Patagonia one.

@topic: as already suggested, an automatic routine, which cycles through ten or more landing challenges, one per week and qualifies them for the achievement would be the best solution in my opinion. After 2½ months, everyone who want the achievement, can earn the achievement.

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I had the same problems with the bush trips. I think they are bugged……

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Please add more spotlight events and fix the bush trip achievements!


Please fix. Shouldn’t have to beg for this to be fixed, is the game early access?


We have a Current Spotlight Event in SU12 Beta. Hopefully, this is a sign that we’re going to get some of these events occurring regularly to allow us to both be challenged and complete this achievement.

Completing the event bumped my progress for the achievement 10%.

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Wow, what a great news @NixonRedgrave , thanks a lot for sharing this :smiley: :+1:

I’m even thinking about subscribing to the Beta, the release seems planned for March 21 in 1 month as seen in the dev update blog :
“Please note the update in today’s Development Roadmap that indicates the scheduled release date for SU12 has been pushed back by one week, now targeted for March 21.”

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Just clicked the Beta into Steam, downloaded the beta update, saw a new Current Spotlight Event just near Maverick, completed it, and saw the achievement progress of +10%!
Sounds great for the Decathlon achievement
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Thanks MSFS team, you rocks!

downloaded the beta in steam ==> Current spotlight event ==> +10% ==> Achievement Decathlon ==> MSFS 2020 GAME OVER

Thanks MSFS TEAM for the best game ever

:firecracker: :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkler: :firecracker: :fireworks:

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Hi everybody.
Any news for Xbox series activitie since sim update 12?
I always see nothing.