December 1, 2022 Development Update Discussion

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What about the graphical downgrade on Xbox Series S and X? Once again not even a word about progress on fixing this issue.


If my memory serves me correctly it was mentioned in the last dev Q&A.
They will be including the fix in SU12 i think, sometime in January.

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Outside of the VisionJet (which released yesterday) another disappointing Marketplace Update.

Still waiting on the Citation Mustang and Inibuilds LAX, to come to xbox.

Guess the MCP being down really put things behind.

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This is close but not quite correct. We announced in the recent Developer Livestream that the Xbox LOD fix is coming in January. SU12 is currently scheduled for March.



It does seem to be a little early to be starting the Xmas holidays but, I guess in fairness, you guys have been working pretty hard all year and deserve a good break to recharge your batteries. Have a great holiday and we’ll see you in the new year.

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Just out of curiosity - why can’t we have the fix in December?


An update was promised.

Does this mean no further Marketplace updates until January?

First sentence of above Dev Blog reads:


I must need to replace my glasses. How did I miss that?!



Before they go on holiday? I guess you chose to ignore what they said about still bringing the weekly marketplace updates. How convenient.

If your employer told you that you could go on Christmas break now (asssuming you’ll be paid for it), can I assume you’d refuse as it wouldn’t feel right? :wink::grin:

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Ah, sorry thanks for correction. I was relying on my fading memory function.

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Continuing the discussion from [BLOG] December 1, 2022 Development Update:

Indeed, what a year. Despite the usual regressions here and there, the sim is in a much, much better state than it used to be a year ago.
Thank you for all your great efforts, hope for a great 2023 with more improvements and bugfixes.
All the best to the MS and Asobo team! :christmas_tree: :tada:


Copied from the 3rd party Wilga thread:

"Will it (Wilga) be released on Wednesday the 7th on official marketplace as well as it actually was intended to be a marketplace exclusive?

May some of the official Community Managers could give an official and reasonable statement to this??

Edit: sorry can’t hold that statement back:
If (and what I see right now) the release is splitted and no more exclusive for marketplace, it’s really a good evidence how bad the official marketplace works and MS/Asobo should really rethink their workflow on marketplace and see this as their last chance to quickly do some changes!

Sad for me personally as a Xbox user getting disappointed from Ms/Asobo again!!"

So I want to ask here again:
Can some of the Cm’s give an answer to the release date of the wilga at the official marketplace??


There’s a possibility that one of the recent patches (Dec) is impacting mainthread performance. Could you confirm if you’re aware of any issues and whether a patch might be released to prevent issues over the holiday period?

Could some one of the CM’s answer my above question regarding the marketplace release of the Wilga?

I’m still in shock they get to go on holiday for all of December. makes my own job benefits look quite meagre!