Default A320 Track Distance in MCDU not changing

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i think i am not the only one and dont need to fill out all the header information asked here…

Does anyone know if the MCDU distance to destination ever will be fixed and will decrease as one is approaching the destination target?
Right now it is stuck in the total distance and will never change during the flight. I am flying the default A320 on XSX (lack of alternatives) but have seen the same behavior in the default B747 and B787.

PS. same with the climb rate for the A320, but thats a different story

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the climb rate is an actual issue discussed on another thread, it’s bug logged but i have no idea when and if will be patched

the mcdu tbh is there but really it seems only because it has to; no real functionality apart from cost index, flaps and flex to temp in perf page and putting in an ils freq

contraints are broken
can’t insert destination in prog page (so no distance or eta)
distances by waypoints aren’t working
only fuel page works (only clickable and working button)

i don’t know if those issues/deficiencies will ever be addressed, i think we rather start to hope for a 3rd party proper a320 for the xbox

Yea I agree, the mcdu generally has very limited features. But at least these things that are available should work properly I though, like entering the destination and waypoints and seeing a proper distance calculation.

I wish stock airlines can count down the
white in the flight distance on flights

I’ve had xbox and fs for about a week. last day or too have had alot of problems with the default A320. ATC asking to climb to 9000 2 miles fro, airport. not following waypoints. clicking A to +/- altitude , as soon as you move the stick it just takes off into the positives, won’t allow reduction. won’t allow to change the 500ft dial. same stick ok for free view though. inconsistent auto land, sometimes lands sometimes just circles the airport at 2500. frustrating.

a320 neo always had a lot of issues and always will (as the atc which is incosistent from the beginning)
(auto land don’t work, it slams you into the ground, don’t even bother)

it’s a fine jump in quick and fly plane but it’s not “study” or even functional to do a proper ifr (as stated from the dev it’s not going to be a fidelity aircraft as was never intended do be as such)

also don’t expect any upgrade/development on the mcdu or system depth

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Does anyone know if the knew lvfr a320ceo has the dist issue fixed?

i hope they’ll fix that issue. :smiling_face:

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