Default Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner serious problem

The Nose of the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner jumps up and down during landing after the sim update. It does not allow me to touch the front wheels down when landing. How can I fix this. It was working 100% before the update. Please help.


If the CG is <20% this problem can even start during normal taxiing.
When braking this problem is even bigger.
A CG >30% does help, but it’s a very annoying new bug.

If you are using autobrakes 1-2, this problem doesn’t occur with a CG >20%.

That sure is an awful bug in this update … my nose was bouncing up and down whenever i raised my fuel load above 60%. I created a ticket yesterday. How could asobo not notice that. Might have to wait for weeks until next sim update if there simply arent enough users reporting sucj…especially since not all owned the default 787…there are also a few other posts since yesterday on this problem.


I totally agreed with you :wink:

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“CG is <20%” What is this?

Center of gravity.

Same problem. I’m furious. All was ok before. Pfffff…


It’s not the amount of fuel, but its distribution.
Center tank fuel moves the CG forward a lot.

You may be right but i guess many may not bother so much or even fully understand the CG enough to try to make changes to the CG, so the most pple do for a flight (long flight) is to increase the fuel load slider just like before without even realizing this new bug in the update. Worst is i doubt there will be a hotfix for this problem since not all user owned the 787.

I never use the slider.
AFAIR there’s even fuel in the center tank without full wingtanks.

In the release notes about All planes it says “Allow setting the empty CG position out of limits” Do you think that this has something to do with this problem? and if so how can it be fixed?

No. This needs to be fixed by Asobo.

Interestingly this problem apparently exists since day 1, but it wasn’t as pronounced…until now.

I would suggest Asobo just removes the 787 from the sim and offers a store plane for free as compensation for those of us who bought the 120€ edition.
The amount of issues we have had with this plane man…

@PZL104 Interestingly this problem apparently exists since day 1, but it wasn’t as pronounced…until now.

That is correct, I experienced this issue before with the 787 and the 747, I solved it by reinstalling, but looking at it retrspectively, what it probably did was recenter de CG of the plane.


It could be time zone differences when update was roll out. Depending on time zone, some might only get the chance to update/ play during their time of convenience. Overall i am hoping more pick up this issue and raise it to asobo, to get enough attention and hopefully a fix earlier if not right away.

Since day 1 means since the release of MSFS!

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For me this happens on takeoff but not landing. Strange :thinking::flushed:

If you are flying long range and there was fuel in the center tank on takeoff, the CG moves aft a lot, which means that it is at least aft of 20% or even 30%, hence no problem upon landing.

During testing i made only short flights and I’ve never ran into this issue.

This was OK before the release not since day 1 as you said.

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No, it was never ok. The forum posts I found date back (at least) to September.
It previously only used to happen with a very far forward CG.


Yup, It was not obvious to me (even if the issue existed before) until this update, as i fly mostly the 787 since day 1 of msfs launch for short and long range. In other words something in this update caused this issue to become so bad such that it now affect much more users and impossible to ignore now.

And even more odd to me is that as a tester you noticed it when the issue is less obvious to most, but missed it when it is now so much worst ( assuming you are one of the tester for this update and perhap also a tester for alpha…?) :thinking: and wonder why u would test a b787 only short range flight and not long range, if of all the planes in msfs, pple are more likely to use b787 for longer range rather than short range.:thinking::thinking: