Default Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner serious problem

I doubt it is so easy, they did not patch anything on the 787, yet it broke. That is because some part of the code must be mixed or shared with other planes. Changes made to other parts of the sim affect the plane, thus making it impossible to revert without breaking other things. I am just speculating though.

Why would they need to make a new model?
Apart from the bouncing issue the default 787 is already way better than any default FSX or P3D aircraft.

With an adjusted CG the default 787 flies reliable from A to B without any problems on my PC.

I don’t think that fixing this problem takes many month and it would be great if the fix would be soon available, but I doubt that there wil be a hotfix just for this problem.

Please let us have your adjustment parameters (CG, weights e.t.c) so I can start flying mine. Give us a screen shot of your weight, CF settings. and I agree with you that the 787 is better that the default FSX or P3D.

Why do we need to need to keep making such adjustment for every flight each time the update broke an airplane? And even if you are very familiar with making such adjustments but that does not mean everyone is equally familiar with these adjustments.

Or perhap you can publish a doc or video on what do adjust? Since from your remarks you seems to suggest we shd not be making too much noises and shd just perform the same adjustments and live with it and all seems normal?

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The -10 has such a stretched fuselage that it becomes easy to damage the aircraft if not flown with great precision. It has additional protections in the FBW logic, most importantly around tailstrike protection during takeoff and landing. It has a different gear configuration to help the same, a wider turn radius on the ground etc. All these things are unlikely to be modeled properly in a base sim, ending up with a mediocre plane.
IRL it was basically designed because two airlines insisted for it, and those airlines fly between major hubs, the aircraft ended up being optimised for that purpose. It’s not a surprise that out of the 1000+ 787s in operations, only 61 are -10.
The -8 and -9 are much more versatile and would have been much better choices for the average simmer, especially when the sim already has the 744 planned.


Absolutely agree with you.

Yes you are correct, but the point here is that I have been flying this plane since I bought the sim last year and I had no nose bouncing up and down during landing , only happened after the last update.

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I still can’t understand how every time you do an update the sim always upsets something. But who are these IT engineers who fail once and for all to make MSFS a reliable sim. 787 which jumps upon landing, Rio de Janeiro which prevents the passage on the causeway. Work professionally, it has been a long time since you released MSFS2020.

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:frowning_face: submitted a support ticket as you suggested

Did a few tests now with the following results.
If you don’t read all the numbers below, the short version is; DON’T use the center tank.

All tests have been performed with the default passenger and baggage load.

The default empty CG is 23.5% and the default fuel config is, 100% wing tanks and 25% center tank.
In this configuration the CG is 19.91% with is just barely sufficient to avoid bouncing during the takeoff roll.
The problem is that you can’t apply the brakes during taxiing since this will immediately induce the bouncing.

With 100% fuel the CG moves forward to ~14% which means you need to manually move the empty CG back to 43% to get the CG to 22%…again, this works only if you don’t use the brakes during taxiing.

When you are departing with a full center tank and an empty CG of 43%, using all the center tank fuel during flight will move the CG aft to from 22% to 38% (which seems to be too much movement, but I don’t have access to 787-10 w&b data)
If the remaining wing tank fuel is 25% in each tank the CG has moved further aft to 43%.

This super aft CG avoids bouncing upon landing, but due to the basically non-existen weight on the nosewheel you can’t do medium or tight turns during taxiing.

Conclusion. As mentioned above, with the present bug you can’t start a flight with any amount of fuel in the center tank. :frowning:

Absolute mess. The CG slider not only doesn’t work properly, but once you do find the right setting, it resets itself randomly to the 23.5 default. This needs to be fixed ASAP. This isn’t as bad as a few updates ago rendering the plane completely unflyable due to fuel pump issues, but it’s annoyingly bad. 900+ hours and hundreds of flights in this thing. It’s by far my favorite aircraft in the game save the F-15E. I’ll keep flying it, but bouncing on the runway on landings is insanity. For now, you pretty much have to have the fuel/cg menu ready to go and adjust just before you land. Good luck!

Btw, adding the XH mod doesn’t fix it.

This issue was resolved with a hotfix (