Default C172 Classic Floats - "Gears up for Water Landing"

I cannot seem to turn off this ongoing audio loop warning - “Gears up for Water Landing”.
After retracting the gear the warning never stops - very annoying.

There must be something I am missing, would appreciate some help.

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There is some button to acknowledge the warning, then it stops…

There’s a button that lights up near the bottom of the centre console. Press that, and it’ll reset the warning.


Shame that the water rudders have NO effect.


The only button I see is located in the gear panel under the ADF radio and to the right of the Nav 2 Radio. I have pressed that Gear Advisory button many times but it just keeps letting me know “Gears up for Water Landing” and I cannot shut it off

I’m just away from my system at the mo, but will have a look later and let you know… It could be I’ve misremembered and am talking about the Cub instead, but I’ll check and report back!

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Okay, just checked and yes, it is the “Gear Advisory” warning button that needs pressing… Not sure why it keeps ignoring it and repeating the warning though.

I’ve just tried taking off, got the warning once despite not raising my gear, flew a bit further and retracted the gear, and it stayed quiet up until I tried landing in a lake at which point the warning repeated again once I made contact with the water - but the only way I could get it to repeat was by coming in hot and bouncing across the lake, once I’d stopped skimming across the surface it went quiet once more.

I’m sorry I can’t help any further!

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