Deimos G39 Griffin

When will you fix the weight setup? The whole weight of the G39 is on the front in your model. 3D modeling of the G39 is great, cockpit needs some higher texturing. This one has POTENTIAL but just don’t put all the weight on the front of the jet. It feels like a brick at some points. There’s no way to do high alpha or any of the IRL G39 movement. Check out YouTube for some amazing G39 demos.

Autopilot is bugged and after awhile of alt hold it starts dropping by itself if you don’t keep a speed above mach 1.0. Keeping over 1.0 makes it climb higher even when on alt hold. I have reinstalled this addon three times now. There IS potential but you just need to work on this now. I love the G39, it’s one of my favorite jets.


Oh good point! This is why it always felt sluggish and slow to react as too much of the weight is on the front. Hope the Dev is making notes and rolls out an update soon

@DeimoS987 Take note please! :smiley:

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The indication that you have in the game is just taking consiretation of the center of the fusolage, then positioning the wing and setting the CL of the 1/3 of the mean aerodinamic cord (where the game suppose that the CL is), then is moving the cg on that scheme.

So this mean that on my plane the cg is over the 1/3 of the mean aerodinamic chord!
The fact is that msfs is not optimized for canards.

The problem on the control, that you have actually on all the other fbw planes that use the fbw of Asobo is just the fbw. If you are on pc, just go in the plane folder, flight model, and remove the 1 on the fbw….

Btw i am still working to find a solution to give back the right agility to the gripen, still using the fbw of Asobo

My project for the Q2 of 2023 is to go back on all my planes and fix and or improuve them!


Hi maybe a Repaint Kit!!!Regards!

Hello! Sorry guys if i am slow in this period to reply but i am focus on the new plane!

Btw yes, once the new plane will be released i’ll start as promised to work ok holder planes.

  • i will provide easyway paintkit for all the planes;
  • review of all texture on the jas to improve performance;
  • i’ll start to work on new textures for the interior of the mig29
  • and new overall texture for the Su57

Hi! I can fly the G39 Griffin at high alpha (8 -9) at 135 kts when landing. I also think it does pretty well at rolling.
I’ve been flying the SAAB JAS 39E Gripen (New Generation) simulator in Linkoeping and I think the G39 comes fairly close (no cigar though)! The G39 can’t do the fast turns like the real JAS 39 can.
Cheers, Kjell from Sweden


Hello…what will be the new plane?

Is a surprise !

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American, european or russian suprise?
You could reveal the year of the maiden flight ?

Is a surprise… you’ll know once will be out!

Any Swedish plane would be fine! :grin::+1:

Those are the Swedish names, dont know what they are called internationally…


I personally think a dev should fix issues before starting on a new aircraft. thats how to keep customers, especially when dev only is occupied with one mod at the time .

Has there been any updates at all of the 39 Griffin?


There is n SK60 for DCS, so if the dev of that got a hint that we would love it in MSFS… =D


Well, since first release Griffin received 3 updates, as all other planes…
Once the new plane will be released i’ll go back again on the older planes as usual

Sorry, but the updates to the Griffin haven’t improved it much. It’s much more nimble and agile in real life but feels sluggish in the game.

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