Deimos G39 Griffin

Well, this is not russian first, than the fly by wire, as for real one, limit to 9g maximum the G that you can take… also because except Maverick in the film, is very difficult to fly over 9G … plus if you fly in hard mode you should have black vision arround 7.5……

Wile you are limited arround 30 degrees on aoa

My pilot does black out at around 7.5 G which seems pretty accurate as anything above 5 G IRL is very, very uncomfortable.

The jet in the game, however, struggles to hit even 8 Gs. I think with the upcoming update and perhaps the possibility to toggle FBW off, we should be able to get all wild with it :smiley:

Are there any planned updates to this, or a roadmap of any kind? As of now it seems perfect flyable, but a bit oversimplified or lack in some details(engine nozzle does not change positions at all for example)

Otherwise this is a pretty fun jet for just zipping around in, and is easy to fly.


It’s great but feels sluggish and unresponsive when you want to quickly change direction or pitch up sharply to get the Gs going. It doesn’t feel like a fast and agile delta wing fighter, sorry.

Deimos said the flight model will be improved in an update but don’t know when that is.

Deimos, camoh mann! I bought the jet nearly a month ago and don’t feel like flying it as it is not agile and responsive like the real Griffin. When’s the update dropping?


The first update that i sent to microsoft last week od december 22 was released few days ago… and that one was fixing some issue like the nozle …
2 days ago i sent also another one to fix the pilot’s animations and the issue of the Mfs affecting also other planes

Well, regarding a sort of “delay” on yoke ok… still working on it… but if you fly it , you can learn how to anticipate it… btw again, i am working to fix that…

Regarding agility… well, i think that you have to compare it to say that… fly close
To anyother jet and check that :wink:

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Well, ok… For starters, addressing the delay in pitch would be nice but this is a modern jet. It feels slow and doesn’t feel as maneuverable as the other fighter jets. I know you’ve mentioned in your store product description that the flight characteristics are not based on actual data but estimates… But it needs to feel nimble, agile and responsive. It barely touches 8 Gs… It should be able to hit at least 9 Gs or come close to it.

I love the sound on this thing… Sounds like a dream blasting through my amp!

Flight model needs updating for sure… Hope it’s coming soon as I can’t fly this right now… Other jets are way more fun than this.


I can agree with the issue of the small delay, that is an Asobo’s fbw issue that i am trying to fix…

But i do not agree regarding the fact that the G39 Griffin is less agile than other…. I do not know what kind of test you did to get this information, but following mine tests… is not at all like that :wink:

Regarding the 9G, well, the think is not so easy to explain, btw, the plane limit the aoa at 25/30 degrees, you can get the maximum of the g depending on your aoa… any plane without thrust vectoring that pull 9G over the maximum aoa … i am not sure in real life what could happen :slight_smile:

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First of all, love how responsive you are - clearly shows you care about your product and the people who buy them!

I absolutely love your work and have bought not only the Griffin but also the Mig 29 and Felon before this one. All are great.

Now, my only issue with the Griffin is that it pitches and rolls too slowly. I’m not doing any kind of test other than jamming the left analog stick all the way left/right or up :sweat_smile:. No matter what speed or altitude… It pitches and rolls slowly for a modern fighter jet!

The Mig 29 for example or the F-16 or F-14 roll and pitch much faster than this which are all older fighter jets… And truly give the feeling of piloting a fighter jet.

The Griffin doesn’t.

There has to be a toggle on the aircraft that allows the pilot to maneuver it more freely without any caps or limits. There has to be! :smiley:

Looking forward to the flight model updates. @DeimoS987


Ok Thanks so much!
I’ll do my best to fix that issue :slight_smile: