Deimos Mig29 Discussion Thread

This thread is to discuss the mig 29 Fulcrum recently released by Deimos.

I am having fun with the jet and it seems on a par with other jets such as the f14, f16, f35 and freeware f22.

It seems more sophisticated and restrained than the su57. It lets you get away with less as in you will lose control sometimes or experience unwanted movement if you try to pull off insane manoeuvres. The su57 almost seemed like you were just rotating a 3d model sometimes.

It has a number of features not commonly found in other aircraft that might seem like gimmicks or you might like them. There’s a parachute for landing, ability to write your name on the cockpit (it’s selectable in the options, not just set to your pilot name), multi coloured smoke that is in two streams one from each side and seems to be implemented in a different way to how other aircraft do it, making it more visible. There’s a wide variety of vapour vortices including wing tip, fuselage effects and the one where you break the speed barrier initially that forms briefly behind the aircraft.

There are 16 liveries with now on the way. Of particular note are the Ukraine air force and ghost of Kiev liveries and my personal favourite: the tiger with yellow and black stripes.

Is it worth the money? I would say yes. It does cost more than the su57 from the same company but it has more and better liveries, a much more true to life cockpit interior and all those little gimmicks I mentioned. The dev has been pretty active updating the su57 Felon in response to sim updates breaking it unlike some devs. Downsides: all I can think of are the sounds are not from a mig. I don’t know what they are from.

The only glitches I have had so far is that where you write your name on the cockpit, lower case letters get the bottom cut off but if you write in caps like intended it’s fine. There’s a slight glitch on the tiger livery near the cockpit where a stripe gets cut off and one time when moving the camera around in the cockpit something got messed up such that moving wasn’t moving me in the direction I pressed but it was easily corrected and could be a sim bug.

This is now my go to jet and I probably won’t touch the others much.

Please remember this thread is to discuss the aircraft not the developer.


Thanks so much!
Hope to have fun with you in the Canyon!


I’d like to throw in my five cents of constructive feedback. I was a little cautious after having read a lot of bad comments in regards to prior Deimos products, but since I was longing for an at least adequate rendition of the Mig-29 since my FSX days and I had a little bit of “fun budget” left for the month, I took the plunge and gave it a shot.

Long story short, I do like Deimo’s Fulcrum and I am glad I gave it a chance.

It is no perfect add-on and some long-time sim-captains might not find it to their liking, not daring to go outside their PMDG, Aerosoft, SWS, etc. quality comfort zone. But it is a pretty long shot from being as bad as prior Deimos products have been described as.

Visually the model is decent to look at. My only gripe is that the liveries could be a little bit better executed. Some paintjobs look a little sloppy. For a lack of a better expression, some camo patterns look like they have been applied with the Microsoft paint spray can and end in blurry edges some places. See graspee’s screenshot above, especially the exterior cockpit shot with the weird black triangle under his name. To be clear, from a little further away it’s ok, it might just irk the more perfectionist simmers. Maybe a future update or liveries might well fix this.

The cockpit itself does look ok, if a little “last-gen sim”. Could be better, but will do as is.

Now, as certainly most of us, I haven’t ever flown a real Mig-29, so I have no idea if the flight model is “realistic”, but it feels good and satisfying. Had several successful flights now and it felt nice in all phases of the flight. I don’t get that complete “off feeling” you sometimes get with actually bad add-ons. I am actually enjoying the Mig in that aspect.

Sound-wise the Mig could maybe use a little more oomph - while I haven’t flown one myself, I have seen them live and I feel the current sound model is a little too tame. Those Fulcrums are beasts in real live, blowing your eardrums out.

In conclusion, if like me you want to have a Mig-29 in your hangar and set your expectations to a more realistic mid-class quality level, I say grab it. It’s actually fun to fly, if you ask me. And if you don’t look to close, you can overlook certain visual imperfections.

Now to just wait for some decent German and GDR liveries, which were sadly missing from the base package.

As graspee mentioned before me, this thread is here to discuss the plane, not the developer, but in my opinion Deimos is getting better at what he is doing and he gave it a valiant effort with the Mig-29. I know some simmers seem to have made up their mind, but I for my part am willing to open up and give him a chance with this and future products, assuming they are properly updated and maintained.


Thanks so much !

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No offense to the original poster - I get that you wanted to show some support to Deimos (since they are justly subjected to pretty harsh criticism on these forums), but your post doesn’t do the aircraft many favours. The original post reads as a “defensive” piece. "But but but… it has SMOKE! Look at the parachute! And the subject of actual flight characteristics are reduced to “experience unwanted movement if you try to pull off insane manoeuvres”…

That cockpit looks like a freeware project you’d find on Not that there is anything wrong with the freeware projects, but… that cockpit shot certainly don’t make me want to run out and get it. It just looks plastic. Things like landing parachutes have been done before in much-better executed aircraft (SimSkunkWorks’ G-91 is a good example). Go take a look at THAT cockpit, by the way, and compare it with THIS one. The price difference isn’t much.

For perspective, this is the price of Wing42’s upcoming Boeing 247 with WWise sounds, failures, and revolutionary features such as 1930s radio navigation. That aircraft has been in works for a LONG time and is priced at the same level as this quickly slapped together project with the Ghost of Kyiv livery to capitalize on the tragic events happening right now. The inclusion of something like that feels like a cheap way to monetize a situation in progress. PMDG has not released a Boeing 737 MAX even though it’s been in fairly advanced level of development for a long time because it’s been a fluid situation and they have stated that they simply want to hold it back until better times out of respect. This MiG seems to be the opposite of that. That’s my opinion, your mileage may vary.

Deimos certainly isn’t known for high-fidelity flight models or the aircraft that perform close to the POH numbers. Can anyone talk about those? Or perhaps there aren’t any buyers of this who are interested in the quality of the simulation this jet provides? As of right now, this aircraft reads like an overpriced superficial exterior model with some cool effects here and there to zoom around in external view.

This is an interesting time for MSFS - addon pricing is certainly a subject that keeps coming up and things are always changing.


I am glad I’m reading this. I have gone through several payware planes that were subpar or not “worth” their price. I can attest to a few. Some were worth their price.

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I said this thread was to discuss the aircraft not the developer but you all chose to ignore that. I have flagged and will continue to flag for off topic.

Microsoft allows Deimos on their marketplace and you have to accept that. They deserve to have a thread on the forum where people can discuss the products without you lot rolling up every time bringing up the past and getting the threads locked. You are deliberately silencing a developer voice.


Folks, the OP has made it very clear that they are asking for a topic on the aircraft, itself, and not the developer. This topic has dissolved into a topic about the developer against the OP’s wishes.

This topic will be reopened in 12 hours. At that time, if people continue to talk about the developer and not the aircraft, moderators will be intervening with punitive action against those involved. I can speak for the entire team when I say that we do not want to do this, so please be respectful of the wishes of the person who started the topic in the future.


Well, now this thread might close because of the lack of discussion allowed here, based off of the OP. No offense.
Due to the nature of the price of the plane vs performance, graphics and systems I find this plane to be not worth the price. I paid a lot for a plane in the past for this sim and have hardly anything to show for it. So yes, it does have something to do with the developer. Stopped deleting these posts because it has everything to do with the plane.
There are freeware planes that perform and look better than this.

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Regular users cannot delete posts. Only moderators can. If you want to discuss deleted posts, feel free to send me a DM. But that is totally optional if you want to or not.

That’s okay if you don’t like the plane. To each their own.

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I have learned my lesson once again. I thought I was just being harsh but ended up completely disliking this plane, the graphics and had a terrible time getting this synced up with alpha/bravo controls. Even without the controls… Here I thought I was just being rude but after learning about BostonJeremy’s remarks regarding the plane and developer I am writing to Zendesk/Asobo/MS for a full refund.
There is freeware that is literally better than this. I just watched a FilberFlies review on one of the developers airports that were pulled from Simmarket.
Simmarket is like the walmart of flightsim since its release.

Is this the source of the original 3d model for this project?

I don’t know. Why does it matter? Asset stores for game dev are nothing new.

I am not on my pc at the moment so it’s hard to tell.

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The OP has asked for a discussion of the aircraft, not the developer. Please do not discuss anything but the MiG 29 in this thread:

The plane does not look good. The textures are too mat and really need more reflections and detail. Even for 19€ I would not buy this plane again.