Deleting cache folder question?

Does deleting the cache folder make MSFS 2020 load faster? If so how do I delete the folder? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you are talking about the rolling cache, I doubt it will make it load any faster. However, deleting the rolling cache after a scenery update is a good idea. If you are talking about the manual cache, I don’t know as I don’t use it.

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Thanks for the reply and help . How do you delete the rolling cache,and manual cache for future reference? Thanks again

In MSFS, under Options > General > Data > Delete Rolling Cache File

Or you can navigate to the data folder on you hard drive and manually delete ROLLINGCACHE.CCC file.

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Thanks for your help.

Hi guys…i dont know much about rolling cahce etc…what is the impact of deleting the rolling cache on the performances of the fms ?..thanks…

Rolling cache doesn’t make the game load any faster or slower. All rolling cache does is if you’re flying in photogrammetry areas, it will save the data it downloads into your cache. Next time you go back there, it will use that saved data on your drive vs re-downloading it. If you have slow internet, then this is a good thing. If you have really fast internet, it makes no difference.

But is makes no difference in how fast your game loads.

All are correct. To the OP: deleting the rolling cache only is necessary when you’re seeing graphic issues or visuals aren’t looking as good as you remember. So delete the cache for it to rebuild.

There is no cache to clean to make the game load faster. That’s all controlled by how many mods you have in the community folder. I have over 70 (including liveries) so my launch time is about 3 mins just to get to main menu and That’s on a top of the line PC with SSDs

While i delete the manuel catch .ccc file,it ctd when i fly that catched areas.Dont know why?

Did you delete it while the sim was running?

Just to be different, turning off rolling cache gave me a smoother entry into new scenery areas, with cache I had a longer period of loading that was more jarring, proviso is that we have a fast internet connection.

I confirmed the above by setting everything back to rolling cache and the same issue reappeared.

I don’t use it either for the same reason. It reduces stuttering.

However, that’s not what the OP is asking. He thinks turning off cache will make the game load faster.

I surely delete it after closed sim. I tried again and finally replace the.ccc file to the cache folder and the sim goes ok! One more thing i did is to recache the rolling cache.

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