DELL wide monitor - GREAT!

So the missus treated me to a brand new super wide DELL monitor for our anniversary! It is awesome! The only thing I wish is that the sim would allow you to position the cockpit where you would like it on the screen. If I could only center the cockpit on the screen, then I would have a lovely bit of “peripheral” vision on both sides.

Translate the camera using ALT+arrows, you can center the view this way.

Cool thanks I’ll try that!

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And once you are happy with your adjustment, save it for easy recall.

And, errr my regards to your lovely wife.


Hmmm, it’s not quite as ideal as one would like. I guess the graphics in the sim just aren’t geared for these really wide monitors. As you can see, I’ve adjusted the positioning but the perspective is a little weird. If you take a look at the right window pillar (or whatever it’s called), it doesn’t look right. Ah well, I’ll play around with it a bit.

Maybe because the zoom out is too much ? I only have a 21/9 ultrawide (Dell U3415W) and the wider view I have is this:

… But I’m also using a TrackIR.

Yes, it’s a bit one thing or the other isn’t it.

If it is not possible to achieve the effect you’re after manually with the settings we currently have
and if there’s no ‘widescreen’ setting available, consider asking Asobo to implement one or even look towards the Dev’s for a solution.

Also, have you experimented with different [probably lower] resolutions. If nothing else your video card would have an easier time of it!


By ‘lower resolution’ I actually mean’t aspect ratio.

I tried but the quality is awfull then. I even currently have the Render Scaling to 110% with my small GTX1070. My U3415W is natively 3440x1440.

You did see my addendum I assume? Sorry about that.

I have no further ideas, I’m afraid. Indeed, I was thinking about a wide screen monitor for myself
and your post has given me pause for thought. Right then, I need to do more research.

Good luck.

Is there a 4K resolution out there like this?

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Yeah I’m actually considering returning this screen and getting two large screens (standard dimensions though - not wide format)

If you like to have one big bezel obscuring the view, you should do that…
I have a LG 35 ultrawide and came from two identical 24 inch monitors that drove me nuts because of the big bezel.
The ultrawide solved all of that…


What will change with the 2 screens instead of 1 ultra-wide? The given picture is the same if you use the same zoom level etc… you will just have some ugly bezels on top.

I am lucky enough to have a 35inch Ultrawide, and it makes a massive difference to the immersion. It doesn’t give any weird distortion. I have different pre-set views saved to different keyboard keys, I can swap from Captain to 1st officer, look left, right, overhead, console, MCDU, left wing, right wing etc. Its all possible. I dont sit in the middle (because you dont in an aircraft!)
One of the best additions I have bought for flight simulation (apart from CPU, GPU, Ram…etc.

Oh yeah sorry for the confusion - if I bought two large screens to use instead of the ultrawide I would only have the sim displayed on one of them (on the other I typically have all my other stuff like Navigraph, LittleNavmap etc).

Yeah that really looks great @Ash6246956 ! The Bonanza looks weird on the wide screen. The right window pillar looks MASSIVE in comparison to the left one!

you just need to zoom in a bit I think

The A pillar looks like it is too big because it has a door frame on that side and not on the pilot side.

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I gave an UW monitor (only 2560x1080) and find the distortion towards the edges of the screen annoying. This is especially noticeable as you pan. However I did see somewhere that the Asobo devs are aware of this distortion on UW monitors, so may get some attention in a future patch.

Well, i have an ultrawide monitor of the same class but don’t have any distortions.
Maybe your monitor is a bit broken?