"devs" are getting creative



Jeez that’s disgraceful . Haha.



(20) Matt on Twitter: “BUYER BEWARE! The notorious “developer” Aviationly is charging 60 euros at full price for an edited volumetriccloud.cfg file for P3D v5 that can be replicated with easy searches on the avsim forums. I’ve reached out to Simmarket to discuss why they are hosting these products. https://t.co/R41UUMX0JC” / Twitter

this is like one of those things where if you search for like “Free up Disk Space” you’ll get a result from a shady website that offers an application that will free up disk but also give you a virus and steal all your data


Its even worse … Aviationly have a whole slew of similar offerings on Simmarket

Shame on BOTH of them !!!

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I need to write a book called “How To Get Rich In Two Easy Steps.”

Inside on page one:
Step one: Publish a book called “How To Get Rich In Two Easy Steps.”
Step two: Sell book for $19.99.

Rest of book’s 200+ pages:


What’s even more disgraceful, is that simmarket doesn’t ban a guy like that but instead also earns money by letting him sell that stuff.


This is totally daft, but it gave me a chuckle too in a sort of “wow, do people still do this kind of thing?” way.

I’m just gonna jump in my DeLorean and scoot back to 2003 and pick up a copy of “everything you need to know about web browser magazine” from the nearest news agent.

Yeah and they are well known for selling stuff like this. That pdf will essentially be a copy paste of the forums! Hahah

SIMMARKET………Never again! :rage:

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Pure riddy.

You can be sure it will be coming to a… “MARKETPLACE”… near you. :rofl:

I wonder what MS’s stance would be, if these monkies were to ‘hoodwink’ and sell the ~same product for xbox owners.?

you at least need a well written preface to provide the illusion you’re about to provide steps on getting rich.

Chapter One:

If you’d like to get rich, don’t buy a book from a guy on the internet titled “How to get rich”

Then the rest of the book is blank…

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