DG Aviation LS8-18

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Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the DG Aviation LS8-18 and DG-1001E neo.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues section of the forum.

Is it just me or can we not turn off the vario sound ? I assigned a key for it but pressing it does nothing at all.

Is there any possibility to taxi from the parking-area to the runway after starting the plane cold 'n dark?

If not, why are we able to start there?

There’s probably no mechanism in place in the sim to check what kind of aircraft you’re in before you spawn in a parking area to disallow you from starting somewhere you “shouldn’t.”

Taxi? In a glider?

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if (m_plane == glider)
   m_spawn.parking.possible = false;
   m_spawn.parking.possible = true;

What is so difficult on this?

What is so difficult to just… not spawn it in a parking space?


It is possible to spawn on a parking spot.
So the logical question is:


Not possible sorry

I imagine you can also spawn the Spruce Goose on a parking ramp and be stuck high and dry, but you don’t see anyone complaining about it.


It is easy, but as we have the possibility, why not?
And why not ask?

Because then there’s no way to taxi, obviously.

Some wrong placed text:

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Wonderful. I managed somehow to disconnect the tow sitting on the runway, only to see the tow plane disappear into the distance. (I may need lessons) :smile:


Asobo should have included some kind of tutorial IMO.

there is for gliders but I havent seen one for helicopters unless I have missed it.

There are gliding training lessons in SU11.
Ineed well worth completing them all


Some kind of a written (!!) manual for all(!) planes would have helped a lot.

As the XBox-guys can not have a look in the aircraft folder, they could have set up a website wher we can download the pdf files or have a look into them.

probably worth suggesting we don’t use this thread for discussion of the weather / CFD visualisation in the 40th anniversary update as that is a whole complex topic quite separate from the LS8 and DG1001 gliders. I only mention that because that was my immediate temptation when I saw the green streamers in the @EPPRglider81 link.

There is a little, but visible 3d model glitch with ballast levers - 2 black parts of them don’t move with the levers (i marked them with green circles) - they are quite easy to spot in VR as they magically float in air:

Indeed definately weather/it’s visualization are separate phenomena from given glider type :slight_smile: BTW this is just a static picture that Asobo used for glider training.