DHC-4 Avionics shutting off mid flight

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Midway into my flight, all avionics shut off for no apparent reason

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Cold and dark start on ground, take off, fly VFR

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Are you turning the battery on at start up?

Yep, ran through the whole checklist like normal

PC simmers had a similar problem after an update way back when, Asobo changed control settings and we had to then make sure certain switches were included in the controller’s settings for our TCA Quadrants, etc.
If some of these switches were not in your settings the Avionics would go black/off 3 or 4 minutes into the flight.
It could be the same problem on the Xbox?

I posted a picture of the settings for a King Air in the link below, but they are required for nearly all aircraft.

In the controller settings for the Thrustmaster throttle quadrant you need to delete the bindings for buttons 3 & 4.

Check the alternators? They aren’t mentioned in the checklist. But you should turn them on after starting the engine or else the battery will drain and turn off the avionics.

Thats the one I think, just noticed them today and turned them on, no issues although the flight was shorter. Thank you lots