Did you guys try the custom autopilot from FBW?

They released an experimental custom autopilot and is really mind blowing. Check this tweet out:

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Currently livestreaming it now with the custom AP version.

Where do I get the custom AP from?

Update your installer to the version 1.1.3, and you should be able to download the Experimental version. The Custom AP is already merged into that version in the installer.

Just to be safe, it’s better to delete all A32NX or flybywire folders in your community and packages folder just to make sure that there’s no legacy files affecting the new version. And the first time you load the flight using the latest custom AP mod. You have to set your throttle configuration using the EFB.

Sweet! Okay so I deleted the A32nx file from my community folder. What am I looking for in the packages folder?

And I think the installer got updated on its own because I had a pop up messages displaying 3 versions but I closed it right away.

I think he meant that the Community folder is in the Packages folder. If you’ve deleted the A32nx folder then you are good to go install the latest one.

BTW, I have the installer and never delete the folder in Community. There is no need since the installer updates it. However, a bad install is a common problem and the source of most issues hence I can see why people say to delete the old one.

I just took a flight and it’s a little better than it was before- so congrats to FBW. There are some glitches though- so don’t be annoyed, this is all unfinished stuff…no EGT, no fuel flow, didn’t really have time to see what else is missing- but that should be resolved soon enough.

No, if you’re using the dev or custom version, the mod creates another a32nx folder in the packages folder outside of the community folder. It’s used for the custom throttle configuration file and some logs. It’s better to delete that one too. But if there’s no a32nx folder there, then it should be good.

You don’t need to delete the folders if you’re updating the same version of the mod. But if you’re moving to different versions, it may cause a bad install. Even though I never really experienced it myself. So it’s just a way to be sure that the installer installs the mod clean, and not having legacy files conflicting with the mod. It’s just a way to be safe than sorry.

Yeah, I confirm that it might be a good idea to start from zero by removing the folders.

I had some strange behaviours with the new custom version at first (auto-thr switch wouldn’t turn on, the throttle calibration was all over the place, the AP would constantly overshoot waypoints, etc…), but then I erased and reinstalled the custom FBW, and everything is perfect since.

Curious why you have the Yellow Electric pump on at the gate?

No idea… Get those hydraulic stuff operational I guess… I dunno. I just like turning things on… Hahahaah…

Fair enough! I asked as I thought it was for cargo door operation during boarding. The doors do automatically fire up the yellow pump when operated by the ground crew.

Did you also have these annoying stutters when you were descending onto Bali?

Yeah, I do get the stutters, but not just Bali. It happens to me on approach everywhere else. But they usually last for a few seconds, and usually clears up just before touchdown. The stutters aren’t gone yet, but they’re much better than before the latest hotfix. Before that, the stutters happen from descent all the way until after landing and taxiing. which screws up my flare timing.

Ah I see. Yesterday I did flight from WSSS to Bali. The moment I entered Bali island it became a stutter fest. I had to hit Escape button and wait for a while and then it became fine and back again with the same issue. I think they screwed something related to data streaming threads

You’re talking about with the Aerosoft Bali airport addon, yes? I think they also screw something on the ILS. My A320 can detect the ILS signal, but the G/S won’t lock onto it when intercepted. And the LOC was weird too.

Yeah the ILS is screwed

What is the crew/ flight attendant package being used in the video, please?

It’s not really a package… Well. there is, but it doesn’t really work that well anymore. I had to manually edit my game files to show the pilot/copilot. It’s based on this mod:

But if you’re asking about the flight attendant announcement and safety briefing. I use PACX tool.

Thanks for both! It looks like it needs FSUIPC. I tried SLC (self loading cargo) and find it severely affects performance - my assumption being because of FSUIPC rather than the addon itself. I only have the free version of the FSUIPC though. I’m wondering whether to buy the full version maybe this will help…
Edit: apologies I realise this is “off topic”