Different render scale for avionic screens


Hello everyone!

I am using a 3440 x 1440 screen and as you may imagine that consumes a lot of GPU.

Trying to increase my fps I decreased the rendering scale from 100 (3440x1440) to 80 (2751x1151). By doing this, the fps rate increased significantly and visually the simulator seemed roughly the same. The letters written on the cockpit panels (fix letters) were perfectly readable and everything was perfect.

The only problem that I have by doing this, is that the avionic screens are blurry.

Here some screenshots:

Render scale 100

Render scale 80:

As you may see, the graphic difference is not a lot, but more that 10 fps in render scale 80.

But here the problem:
Render scale 100 inside the cockpit:

*Perfectly readable avionics

Render scale 80 inside the cockpit:

*Everything readable but impossible to read avionic screens
*MORE than 10 fps with this render scale.

So the question is the following. Could it be possible to reduce the rendering scale of the whole sim but no in the avionic screens?
The objective would be to keep render scale in 80 but avionic screens render scale in 100.
Maybe changing some value in some file, I don’t know…

Thank you very much !!


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