Different type of buildings in different regions

hi, i would suggest microsoft to update buildings that look different in various parts of the world. I mean that african cities should look african, europe europian etc.

What do you think?

I’m not so sure they don’t already do that. They look pretty photorealistic to me. When I move over to the X-Plane default scenery I do see a lot of middle-class mid-western American homes and yards in the middle of African villages. But in MSFS, which uses satellite imagery, I find that the buildings are pretty much as they appear in real life. Can you share a screenshot of some buildings that seem out of place to you?

i think that they should represent more of culture and style of the area

“i think that they should represent more of culture and style of the area”

Even if that’s not how they are in real life? I would like all houses in Japan to look like 18th-century samurai homes with tea gardens and koi ponds, but that’s not how it is nowadays. I’ve never been to Africa but I’m pretty sure they don’t all live in grass huts anymore. Is this what you mean by “culture and style?” What do you mean when you say that European cities should look European?

ok ok, european buiildings look european , but i would like to see more of samurai buildings indeed. Some localization should be possible. Like buildings HD for FSX and P3D i mean.

AFAIK they do work on region related autogen. The Japan update introduced japanese style buildings. (and I remember a bug caused them to appear in London as well. Luckily this has been fixed)

This is being done today with world updates.