Disable Addon Aircraft from being used as airport static aircraft?

Is there a way to disable your 3rd party aircraft from being spawned in parking spots at airports?

I could go into every aircraft.cfg file and set: isAirTraffic = 0
…but it doesn’t seem like that stops aircraft from being spawned as static at airports?

basically, I’m hoping to improve perf slightly at airports by reducing some of the “heavy” addons I have.

also, as much as I love flying the DC-6 - it’s probably not realistic to have them spawning at every major airport, all the time :wink:

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What you need to do is go in the aicraft.cfg file and look for icao_generic=1 and change that to icao_generic=0

One of the cases I’m looking at ( that definitely is spawning in parking spots ) already had icao_generic set to zero and isAirTraffic at zero…

I was looking at atc_parking_types =“ANY”, but that’s gotta be just for ATC to send you to an appropriate parking spot… although this aircraft is spawning at airline gates and everywhere else…


ui_manufacturer =“Socata Aerospace”
ui_type =“Trinidad TB21 GT Turbo”
ui_variation =“N221MA”
ui_typerole =“Single Engine Prop”
ui_createdby =“Lionheart Creations”
ui_thumbnailfile =""
ui_certified_ceiling =25000
ui_max_range =650
ui_autonomy =5
ui_fuel_burn_rate =90
atc_id =“N221MA”
atc_id_enable =1
atc_airline =""
atc_flight_number =""
atc_heavy =0
atc_parking_types =“ANY”
atc_parking_codes =""
atc_id_color =“0x00000000”
atc_id_font =""
isAirTraffic =0
isUserSelectable =1

the default C172 G1000 has:
atc_parking_types = “RAMP” ; “ANY” / “RAMP” / “CARGO” / “MIL_CARGO” / “MIL_COMBAT” / “GATE” / “DOCK”

I might just set the TB21 to RAMP and see if it still spawns at gates. I doubt it has any affect though…

Yeah the parking types is for atc, after you changed the setting to generic 0 did you also delete all folders from your localcache simobjects folder ?? because sometimes cache files will be read first.

good call - there’s a bunch of long-deleted stuff in there :wink:

delete all and the game will rebuild it, yeah?

Game will automaticly rebuild, also make sure to empty the sceneryindexes folder and delete the content.xml all those files will rebuild fresh with only what is installed.

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I’ve asked this exact question a long time ago and nobody could answer unfortunately. Also tried isAirTraffic=0 and the icao_generic=0. Nada. If you manage to do it please share.

ok, so this is no proof - but I set all the TB21 variants to atc_parking_types=“RAMP” and I taxied around 3 major airports and didn’t see any spawning at gates - but I did see the Carenados, JF Arrows and Warriors and DC-6 spawning at gates. ( I was noticing the TB21s spawning a lot, previously. )

I went back and set the JFs and DC-6 to only use RAMP and reloaded at KORD - taxied around and only the Carenado planes showed up at gates. I can’t edit the Carenado aircraft.cfgs as they’re encrypted.

This doesn’t really fix anything - just forces them to not use any gate spots, but that’s ok for now.

BTW - is this a bug that got introduced recently > I see way more GA planes spawning at airline gates recently… or maybe it’s just more addon planes that are using gates?

The more addons you got the bigger the variety of aircraft used, but changing the way you did does indeed dedicate them to ramp only but it also means if you fly them you can not get assigned anything other then ramp either.

true - but who listens to in-game ATC right now, anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

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