Disable Camera Collisions | No Clip

does anyone know if there’s a way to disable/remove the camera being blocked from moving around freely? It would be very useful when you want to get specific camera view up close to certain parts of the cockpit. Or in CJ4, be actually able to get into that beautiful cabin in the back.

I saw someone flying that new Carenado aircraft and they accidentally moved the cockpit camera out of the plane, so there must be something somewhere that I can remove in the plane files to get rid of that ‘camera block’.


Hopefully we can identify how to increase the size of the “box” like has been done with the Carenado DLC aircraft in the store.

What you saw was them using the drone inside the cockpit, then moving the drone back outside the cockpit. The drone is a superb capability. Once you get accustomed to it, it becomes an essential feature.

Yes, I do like the drone feature, it’d be amazing if when they add the Replay Mode, there will be an ability to create ‘keys’ on the drone and make it fly on a specified path during the replay. There are keybindings for something similar to that in the sim right now, but it’s not working properly yet.
But there’s no way that was the Drone cam.
He was flying normally with the cockpit/interior cam and then as he tried to move/adjust the view to see something, he accidentally clipped through the geometry as he got too close to it.

Found it! :slight_smile:
Happens at 20:40 - 21:00