Disable top screen white bar (Interactive menu)?

Good morning Flight Simmers,

Is there a way, perhaps as a setting or a mob to disable the white bar that appear sometime on the top of the screen, to I guess remind there is an interactive menu drop down if you bring the cursor over ? I start to find it annoying and it’s scrapping a lot of my screenshots, sometime I simply change of camera and it will show.

I would like to have it disabled if I can. Of course not the menu, just the bar.

Thank you !

I have had this happen…but it goes away after a few seconds.

If it doesn’t go away and stays persistent throughout the flight, try disabling all of your addons, if you have any, and then see if the issue still exists.

There is a wishlist on this to remove the toolbar:

There are several mods to remove it. I use one off of flightsim.to called No Handle Bar.


Hi ! It does go away after a few second, yes. Though, I’d like to not have it showing at all. Because I often have to wait for it to disapear before taking screenshots or do recordings. It appears really often, like after moving my mouse and not even close from the top.

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Thank you !

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Use better toolbar mod :wink:

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The problem with the no handlebar mod is that it causes a conflict with the toolbar pushback mod for a lot of people. I personally can’t get the toolbar pushback mod to work if I have the no handlebar mod installed.

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I actually don’t like using the Toolbar Pushback mod ! I usally use 3rd parties aircraft included pushback, if they dont I prefer using Shift+P. Trying to keep my Sim the lighter in add-ons as possible lol (Not easy to do) !

Yeah that’s fair enough. I just find that the built in pushback within most most 3rd party aircraft is a lot more cumbersome than the toolbar pushback (which is literally a one size fits all).

Oh, and I’m lazy. There’s also that lol

Or you can modify one line in toolbar.css, setting visibility to 0 instead of 1, and its gone until you hover right over it.
This is the section you need to change.
The default is opacity:1 ; change the 1 to a 0 save the file and restart the sim and you good to go.

tool-bar .toolbar-handle.visible, tool-bar .toolbar-handle.active {
transition: opacity 0.7s 0s;
opacity: 0;

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Oh nice !

Just like this ?


yes that all you have to change, it will stop appearing when you move the mouse, and only appear when the mouse is directly over the toolbar.

be aware that changing files can cause a redownload of msfs and the changes are overwritten with next update.

Much better solution is to write little mod or simple use a existing one which do exact the same thing.

( already mentioned former from @Hester40MT , and here the link )

Because it is a mod, you can of course with no risc do own changes within the css file, but then just in the community folder :slight_smile:

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You can delete toolbar.css, and the sim wont even notice its gone, only time it seems to get replaced is when the sim updates, other then that the sim doesnt even notice its missing. If you must you can always make a copy of toolbar.css and rename it toolbar.css.orig just in case you screw up.

yep… not all “files” trigger a possible redownload… It was just meant as a generally “be aware” and “better use mods” ( which overwrite behaviors and which you can easy disable,enable ) :slight_smile: