Disappearing Aircraft/Not Visable

Currently I have Live weather on with All Players visible, Real Traffic ON. ATC gives me a notification that an aircraft is 4 miles from me (close enough you should be able to see it), but I see nothing. No lights, nothing. On multiple occasions I’ve seen planes take off only to disappear shortly after. What is going on? This has been a regular occurrence since SU5. Is this something that is being addressed in WU6?

Are you sure the approaching aircraft is on a comparable altitude ?

…and we haven’t got a crystal ball… answering your question would be speculation… normally World Updates come with some sim updates too, but the main sim update this fall will be SU-6. One thing is clear, promises were made about solving ATC issues in 2021. Some of these issues have to do with altitude. Maybe you get warnings about aircraft flying 17,000 feet below you.

the invisible plane are a known bug since su05. think this will be fixed

As far as I am concerned, they can make all aircraft, 30, 40 or more miles away disappear … or give us a slider and let us choose aircraft visibility distance starting at 20 miles.


visibility on a slider for the win

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Issue also reported here, in the Bug/Issues section.

Asobo hasn’t mentioned that they are aware of this…as far as I know. Please up vote this thread, hopefully we can get them to respond or at least acknowledge there is an issue.

Interesting thread.
In daylight hours, perfect visibility conditions, an airliner sized aircraft will be visible as a speck in the sky at about 40 km. This is based on the human eye’s angular resolution (approx, .02 degrees). This also assumes absolutely no impediments to vision. ie: scratches or reflections on the window.

The reality is that it is virtually impossible to see another aircraft at that range. Aviation safety experts performed a field study in which pilots attempted to detect another aircraft (DC-3) approaching on a collision course. Over various conditions, the average distance at which detection by the pilot occurred (“detection distance”) was from 5.5 to 8.7 km. Of greater relevance to this study, the subject aircraft also carried an experimenter who knew exactly the approach angle of the target aircraft, and “kept constant vigil with his nak’d eye” until he detected the intruder aircraft. This “threshold distance”, over the same conditions, averaged from 17.3 to 23 km.

In short, if you know exactly where to look, you might spot another aircraft at 20 kms, but if you only know he’s out there, “somewhere”, good luck. At normal airline cruising speeds, two aircraft flying toward each other have, typically, less than 3 seconds within the “detection range”. This is why we have implemented automation in the cockpit to assist with collision avoidance.

If you know there is an aircraft to your 10 o’clock, there is no guarantee you will ever see him. The idea of implementing a slider to adjust the distance from 40 miles to 20 miles is simply ridiculous. As a long time commercial pilot, I would welcome the day that a little sign would pop up over each aircraft within 50 miles, so I would have plenty of time to decide which ones are a threat to my airspace.

I have done a lot of formation flying and it is always a bit dicey during reform exercises. It can be very difficult to see aircraft that are only a couple miles apart.

If you have other aircraft turned on but can’t see any… look harder.

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I was in a cessna 172 flying around 110kt. I could see the plane on radar but nothing in the sky within the 4 mile range that ATC was indicating. Its as if it is there but isn’t being rendered by the sim. Which I think is part of the problem. I’m wondering if the culling is causing issues in this regards (it shouldn’t but you never know). It’s a constant issue since SU5, not just this one occasion.
It’s a similar issue with the RADAR mast at the airports. They don’t show up until your about right on it. And even if you look at it from a certain angle it starts to disappear again. Running the sim on Ultra settings so its not a graphic setting issue.

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