Disappointed in Sim Update 5

Why does the PC version have to suffer for downgrades that are made for the X-box? The game should know that it’s in an xbox, then do heavy culling. If in a PC, do less heavy culling. And so on. Why does the PC version have to become the x-box version? No real simmers use x-box imho, x-box people are generally sofagamers. I bought a sim for my PC, not an x-box game.

So, Asobo. Now you made a version that fits into the x-box, fine, don’t let your PC based community suffer for this. Get back to developing for the PC. The kids have their sofa version now. I cannot understand why shoehorning the sim into the x-box needs to affect the PC “branch”. Lots of games have both console and PC versions, with better graphics on the PC due to the added horsepower. Aren’t these two different versions of the sim? Why is one affecting the other?


Theres a post from Jummivana addressing this. They’re at work and are aware of the whole situation.


source ? where ?

They had to be aware of everything before 29 August, yet they said NOTHING and released it to the PC community with the promise that it was a huge upgrade. They sprang this mess on people who were excited about the improvements they were promised. To add insult to injury, they made it a mandatory update, so no one even had a chance to avoid it. And now they say that they’re aware and are working on it?! Sorry, but their credibility has been totally destroyed. There’s no longer any reason to believe a word they say


Its a bit sad to see that the game apparently needed to sustain some downgrades, but having gone from release date to not touching it since the Xbox release, it was actually a massive performance upgrade for myself. But yeah, interesting to see what people got used to in the meantime.

whcih team ! the forum managers or Asobo

Did you read what she wrote? It’s obvious they’re in contact with the devs…The whole point of the team here is to communicate between us and the devs, besides moderating here. This is getting silly…

Really felling it now, Game has crashed 4 times in last hour or so. So sad.

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Then they will lose the flight simming community on whose long term support they will depend. Gamers will get bored very quickly.


So far today I am on my 4th CTD, to be honest I havent been airborne since the update as i have trying to get the graphics sorted, this morning tried 2 x default , 320 & 747 and 2 x Mod, FBW and Salty, FBW Dev version and Salty Version 4.0, all CTD’s. So on that basis I am taking a break from this sim until things are improved and will use my Xplane. Never in the field of human enjoyment has so much been screwed up by so few !!!.


maybe asobo / ms have get overwhelmed with this simulator.
Just a supposition from me. And its no hate on this point

The damage control team .

Frankly, I still do not understand this constant request for communication from asobo, so many people need to hear other lies or marketing pr ? It is not enough to get an idea yourself of ​​what happened and how it “continuously” happens … Based on previous experiences and simply evaluating what has been seen.

Obviously it will be a comunication where “maybe” someone will apologize for the inconvenience that in the next days \ hours \ months everything will be fixed, to stay positive etc. What else could reasonably be said, that they publicly declare “It’s a mess everything we touch breaks or doesn’t work as it should\intended\it’s a complex software , help please!” ?
That’s not how interviews\press releases\comunications works in cases like this.


Jörg isn’t reporting to the board of directors at Microsoft, they most likely don’t even know who he is.
He is reporting to Phil Spencer who is the Executive Vice President of Microsoft Gaming AND also the Head of X-Box gaming.

Asobo Studio themselves was at first always a console developer too, sure, they made most of their their games also for PC (aka PC-Ports) but their main branch of business was always consoles.

It was clear as crystal water form a mountain lake that there will be a XBox version sooner or later.
It’s not that the signs weren’t there, they were actually easy to see, if someone really wanted to that is.


I wonder if this lengthly wait for a response is because something really bad went wrong…could it be they have a bigger problem than we think?

Doubt it, they were always going to downgrade graphics to get better FPS for PC players. Chances are they are hoping this all goes away.

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Yes and nobody has a problem with Xbox users being able to enjoy MSFS, its great to have them onboard. The HUGE problem is, they released a PC version last year, and now they’ve downgraded what we purchased, to a console version.

One of the main selling points of the PC release was the stunning graphics! Instead of forcibly downgrading graphics they should have concentrated on graphical ‘options’, so those that have the system to run what was released last year can still have that level of quality and those that can’t, can tune the options to suit their system. This would also include a separate Graphics setting locked in for Xbox users. Its a win for everyone.

They have chosen to prioritise one section of the user base over the other, and changed what we purchased to achieve that! That’s my main issue with this, they changed what they advertised and what we bought, from a PC game to an Xbox game!


The small things need to be added back.

  • Light lights/nav lights on other aircraft in flight.
  • Taxiway lights not turning off when you get within 15 feet of them. Makes it extremely difficult to navigate at night
  • Aliasing to be restored, especially for TAA, which was the best implementation in any software/game I have come across. Now we just have annoying shimmering and aliasing on everything from cockpit words and screens to the trees on the ground

Some of the larger graphical downscaling I want to see restored

  • Clouds on Ultra SU5 look like clouds from medium and high from SU4.
  • Color banding fixes and color grading fixes
  • Lighting fixes, volumetric improvements and oveblooming issues resolved.
  • Water reflections and look need to be looked at.
  • Detail LODs on building and landscapes not properly coming into view at distance and even in the foreground
  • Less aggressive culling to reduce stuttering when panning views

I am certainly flying less, i used to enjoy looking at the stunning scenary, flying through clouds that looked virtually life like, all gone and turned to a blurred white haze. It’s lost the sparkle for me now, and certainly not making any purchases until i see what direction this goes in.

If the plan remains to stay silent, and no sign of improvement, that’s it for me.


With all the bitter old “real simmers” throwing insults at x-box users in numerous threads in here, well, obviously some are not happy to have them aboard.

The rest of your post, I agree, albeit I have to admit that I’m more concerned about the newly introduced bugs than the graphics, as they still look good for my rather anemic system. But it’s not that I don’t see the points you made.