Disappointed in Sim Update 5

Except when it doesn’t…

Are you actually having to do this? It takes me like two hours to install MSFS itself, when I ran MSFS to update to WU6 it took less than 15 minutes and then I was on the main menu.

Hi… After the update of Su5 and the update (world) this week i have a lot of problems with my sim…
I haven’t been flying for two months :frowning:
Mesh problems, sinkholes everywhere…
When is microsoft going to fix this?


You can say that again…no change in status even after the update. CTD at the same place…only difference is the scenery in the new slides. Am now going to do things I am really not familiar with…fiddle with my PC based on suggestions given by fellow Simmers in these forums…but here I am in unfamiliar territory.

When I purchased FS2020, there was no warning stating that “Please purchase only if qualified in IT, and willing to fix the game on your own, even if your PC exceeds the required Specs”. I don’t think anybody buys a product knowing well that he/she would have to spend so much time trying to make it work.

I love the Sim and I love flying, but this is just not fair…plain and simple. Why should the buyer have to spend his/her own time and enegy to fix a product that has been purchased / paid for?

Sorry, I am whining and moaning, but this is getting ruddy irritating and really *****ing my mind. I’ve been very understanding, polite and patient, but they are really pisssing people off.

I can understand if FS2020 did not work from the beging…but how can they explain it working 100% perfect till 27th JUL and then it’s broken! Yes, the fingers are pointig to the buyers PC etc, etc, but how come “NO” other Game or Application is affected? It doesn’t make sense…


What’s not unique but is unusual about my PC is that it was built for MFS, and programs not directly related to MFS have been scrupulously avoided. I don’t even have a 3rd-party AV program. I experience no problems that aren’t known bugs or at least universal, such as horrible photogrammetric rendering in European cities. But I’ve never had a CTD, any trouble downloading updates, or any trouble getting the game to run normally for extended periods. I’m forced to wonder if trouble-free simming is less likely the more programs and processes that are running on the PC. I’d like to know if PCs purpose-built for flight simulation and unburdened with other programs are significantly more successful in getting MFS to run well

Here was an interesting one discovered lately, just goes to show how strange and in unexpected places the causes for the remaining CTDs can be:

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Bogus comparison

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I run a kill.bat program before simming, and it’s a work in progress and keeps growing. some processes will just come back in like a weed in your back yard that’s on every last one of your million miles of nerves in the human body.

Well Folks! Since we have shared so many of our issues here together, I would like to tell you that I’ve done the various tests and checks recommended by a few of you to try and get RID of the CTD issue driving me crazy…CTD every time at exactly the same point (FS2020 Loading Slide before the Main Menu page).

  • RAM tests were all clear.
  • Cleaned up the registries.
  • Checked the overclocking.
  • Confirmed the Language is on English (US).
  • Capture One not installed, so no action taken.
  • Uninstalled FS2020 via Steam + deleted all the packages from Flight Sim folder.
  • Emptied the Community folder.
  • Emptied the Recycle BIN.

That Gents, is where I stand now :smiley:

I will start a Clean Install soon…and hope like hell that the CTD issue gets resolved! What else can I say guys…or if the CTD issue still persists…then I will wait till a solution comes up in the near/distant future…and get counseling for the FS2020 withdrawal symptoms :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hopefully I will be reporting some good news by tomorrow…cheers!


Since the time of Windows 5 I have not seen anything like it. Every time there is an update you have to reinstall the application and with the new update it is getting worse. I do not know what interest it is that the trees and monuments of any city look more real, if in the end, what we can not do is make a flight in conditions. I thought I had bought a flight simulator, although apparently it seems to me that what I have been sold is a virtual photo album. I understand that the “agradaores” and “palmeros” (see note at the end of this message) of Microsoft, every time someone makes a criticism of this program come to their defense saying that it is the best they have ever seen and that the rest of us have no idea of the ones we have bought. Well, I would tell those individuals to stop making favorable comments, because most of us who have paid for the program (it is clear to them that Microsoft has given it to them), say that they have scammed us vilely.

Note: In Andalusia (Spain) “agradaores” are those who like all the ideas of their master even if they are harmful to the rest. The “palmeros” are the ones who applaud any decision of their master, even if it is absolutely far-fetched.


Hopefully, not everybody have to reinstall the Sim each time an update land, and I feel sad for those who need to proceed like this. I do think it’s probably only a minority of users, or the forum will have been hammered harder. I really hope Devs will find quickly a solution for you guys…

In fact I never had to reinstall all, from the very first installation as soon as MSFS was available. Even when I switched from MS Store to Steam in February to avoid all MS layers and problems I had (it worked), by moving the big data files (> 120GB) from MS directories to the Steam one and just had to reinstall the core files with the executable. So far so good on installation side, no more issue I had with the MS Store.

Note: and I knew for “agradaores” and “palmeros” as a french guy living in Spain :wink:

Well, I have a PC with a 500 Gb SSD disk exclusively for MSFS2020. It does not have any more application or any file type word, excel etc. I also have an Xbox S series in which I only have MSFS2020 installed. In neither case does it work. The planes fall, the controls do not work … in short, a real disaster. I said, a full-blown scam.

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I regret to say that even after a full clean up and a clean install, the CTD issue remains at exactly the same point (just before the Main Menu gets loaded).

As I said before, I have no choice but to give up FS2020, even though my heart and soul craves for it, as I have done what I could from my side without any sucess.

I still ask a very simple question…I bought a product and my PC met / exceeded the specs required. I used the product for 07 months without any issues. Why should I be held responsible to get it fixed looking at forums and hiring PC technicians when my PC is just the same and hasn’t given any problems? I paid for a product that worked and now broken due to the manufacturer changing the working of the product.

At least give the buyer the right to choose if he/she wants to update the next patch / fix / Hot fix etc, etc, as many are happy with what they had…many could relish the product when it “worked”. At least this choice would allow the users to learn from others and decide if it would be worth updating or not.

I know there will be a solution someday…but it aint today, or tomorrow…or maybe not even this year…but when they do have the “fix”, belive me…I would be one of the first to get back to the skies again…


Incomprehensible, Hellas
So sorry, and thanks for the update.

That question is exactly what has left a lot of us scratching our heads :confused:

I was hoping that doing a cleanup that they sugested would fix the CTDs for me, but I was flying from KBFI to KPDX and it crashed just as I was descending. Maybe it’s the short distance that wrecks the sim. I flew from Anchorage to Boeing Field and I didn’t experience a CTD at all. Now I know to save my flight every few minutes.

Sorry to ask what is probably a dumb question, as I’ve just seen this thread.

After you un-installed Flight Sim and removed all trace of it from your HD, did you by chance run a program like CCleaner to get rid of all temporary files but, most importantly, clean the registry?

I’ve had a number of programs (not flightsim) that just crashed for no reason I could see. I was uninstalling, reinstalling etc and getting nowhere. Always crashed in the same place. Then as a last resort I cleaned my registry (it only gets rid of broken or defunct entries) using this program and bam, everything worked again.

Just thought, as you’ve had such a rough time of it, that it might be worth one last roll of the dice.


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Hi Jetwash1023,

Yup! Did the clean up of the registry too…

It’s painful to be in my position, and I know there are many…but as they say “no pain, no gain” :smile:

On a serious note…I tried whatever I could and even got my PC Tech to do it for me, but no luck. So I’ve decided to wait it out and one day when they get the fix, I’ll jump back in…

I was wondering if the sim still has the washed-out look like it had just after SU5? Even the most beautiful locations in the world all looked grey. city and nature.

I havent installed msfs for a while cause I was fed up with the dull graphics. Then today I watched some recordings I made with my 3070 back in april and it looked fresh almost any location I went to.
Any chance of some graphics improvement?


Unfortunately this issue has not changed yet and that introduced dull lighting in SU5 which kills the ambience a bit is still around. I just hope they fix it in one of the upcoming SUs. One of the main reasons i lost a bit interest in the sim