Discovery Flights. HOW exactly are those flown?

Hi all,

I just loaded into the Mt Everest flight and I don’t know exactly what is supposed to be done here. There is no flight plan, no nav log… Do I need to enable AI copilot? I have no idea what to do with this - I turned the AP on but it won’t switch to NAV mode even if I change CDI to FMS. I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing here.

Does it end somewhere? Is there a plan it follows? Does the AC land itself? Do I need to?

Please help as I’d like to maybe enjoy this new thing, but… I don’t understand what I am supposed to be doing. I am used to either Bush Trips or flying my own plans. This is a little… XBoxy from I can tell.

It’s just a series of POIs you can fly around and sight see. There’s no"completion" or anything like that, you can just fly around the different POIs and see the sights. They’re quite good to get a feel of things.

So… there is no “plan”? You just kind of… aimlessly fly around POIs?

Pretty much. I mean they’re intended to showcase the views and scenery and get noobies flying I think. There some chat in the release notes about allowing people to “fly the trailers”

Got ya. Thank you so much. This is CLEARLY not meant for me. :wink: I am able to set up a plan to go see what I want to see. From an airport. And then even land - at an airport, imagine that! :wink:


No I wouldn’t think so from the many posts I’ve seen you make!

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Right now, the “spotlight event” is the discovery flights. Does anyone know how to “complete” them to count for the decathalon achievement?

From my understanding, you can’t.

They’ve actually made some content for players other than expert superuser gun pilot plane reviewers like you.

Imagine that!

Got ya. Thank you so much. This is CLEARLY not meant for me. :wink: I am able to set up a plan to go see what I want to see. From an airport. And then even land - at an airport, imagine that! :wink:

There’s no reason to be snarky about users less skilled than you needing some simple onboarding activities.


I can be snarky if I want to be snarky. I didn’t break Code of Conduct, so you can walk on by if you don’t like it.

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The music in Discovery Flights are incredible!

Yeah, I like it… I just wish there was a plan or a specific route to see the POIs. I do prefer the Bush Trips because I don’t like being spawned in the air - same with Landing Challenges. I feel like someone is dropping me in the middle of something and I have to get my bearings. I have no idea how the aircraft is configured, whether AP is on or off… in case of LCs if my gear is up or down, what flaps stage I am in etc… Those also don’t really give you much time to get your bearings because you are right about to land. It’s a little too arcade for my taste.

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There aren’t any spotlight events?

And the soundtrack? I almost cry…
(Ironic Mode On)

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Which soundtrack? Isnt it just the menu music?

And i find the idea great but lacking some guidance. I tried some discovery flights and got totally lost. Flew wrong direction and did not see any highlight (POI`s). There should be at least a rough guidance.

Or even better exploring flights/missions like we had in FSX or Flight with a talking narrator/guide.

Aren’t Bush Flights more ‘task driven’? (not that I’ve tried one yet)

Yes. Much more so! I have done all of them (very worth it) and a probably about 50 or so custom ones since the sim came out!

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This type of activity is perhaps one that 3rd party developers could deliver?

They can and do… I don’t know if Voyager by FS Academy is on XBox. But that one is 7 Bush Trips for $10. Very well done package. A couple of aircraft developers also included a Bush Trip with their aircraft (or two or three). Jabiru 160/170, SimWorks Zenith CH STOL, Orbx Optica, and the P-40 Tomahawk.

Unfortuantely XBox doesn’t have access to custom user-created content on… There are over 250 Bush Trips there!

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