[Discussion] 1.15.8 Hotfix is Available!

Just been thrown to the Store to download a 1GB update?


Here the same, 1 GB update in store and in the game I see that airport paderborn is updated 3.52 GB

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Yes, I am just downloading it.
Any notes ?

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Anything related to the WASM issue?

Only the Microsoft Store 1GB update. Nothing at all on load up or in content manager, for me.

I had a Gaming Services update (2.52.9001.0) and an Xbox Game Bar update (5.621.4142.0) as well as the 1.00 GB MSFS update ( along with a note that says “Needs Repair.”

All from the MS Store…

EDLP update also today ( content manager )

yes…would be great to know what this update was about

I had the Gaming Services and Xbox Game Bar updates earlier today and have been in and out of MSFS a few times since then. MSFS update landed on the store within the last half hour, so I don’t think they are connected, but who knows? :man_shrugging:

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What did they Fix?

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What a time to be alive… :slightly_smiling_face:


WASM is working now


Nothing on Steam yet unfortunately.

It’s still early afternoon in Redmond. I’m sure one of the CMs (likely Jayne) will have a post about this in the news section shortly.

I would love to know if this addresses the multiplayer stuttering issues?


Downloading 1GB for MSFS 2020 from Windows Store now.

Also, Windows Solitaire got updated (16MB). Think about that. Someone at Microsoft is still updating Windows Solitaire. Makes me want to cry.


Steam stays silent as usual.

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Just had a 1GB update. Anyone knows what’s the fix?

no update here yet. Still on 1.15.7

In the development update yesterday they stated that a hotfix was coming to fix a few issues. It would be nice if there were detailed release notes, granted, but they did announce the hotfix.