Discussion: April 13 Live Dev Q&A

The Live Dev Q&A is starting soon (17:30z)2021-04-13T17:30:00Z. Head over to the MSFSOfficial Twitch channel to ask any live questions you may have for the developers. This topic may be used for any discussion amongst forum users pertaining to the Q&A.

The Agenda for today’s Live Q&A may be found here.

Pretty excited about the ATR 42 and 72 announcement.


Same, If it’s similar to the CRJ in terms of fidelity, I’ll be super happy.


Please give AIG the same hotline to contact you like you give the FBW team. :wink:


Just wanted to say thank you to Jayne, Jorg, Seb and Martial for these Q&A sessions, they are awesome and I always look forward to the next one! Great mix of news/updates and questions answered!

Over the moon about Nordics coming in WU5 and that the ATR is being worked on!


I must say, this was the most enjoyable Q&A format so far indeed.


Yeah, I just wish our community manager (Jayne Reynolds) also appears on Live Camera as other three great guys in future Live Dev Q&A, instead of her voice only. :sweat_smile:


Nordics - awesome news
ATR - awesome news
Little or no news about AI traffic and ATC was the downside.


So after the Twitch Q&A, it seems like there won’t be a universal “opt in” feature for beta testing anytime soon. Instead, it looks like Asobo will pick a certain number of testers before each patch (for this last patch, it was 300 beta testers).

I’m fine with that, provided Asobo does a beta test for every patch going forward. Because after VR was released, there were several patches after VR where there was no beta testing at all. This lead to the weird land spike bug, and also lead to the FPS bug that required a hotfix a few weeks ago.

Preferably, Asobo can expand on 300 testers because 300 testers is still not a large testing size. This latest patch seemed to cause a CTD for people with standalone WASM modules, including people using AAO or SPADNext, etc. The 300 beta testers somehow missed this bug. Thus, a larger testing pool is needed.

For those who missed the airports included in the Nordics World Update in June (but could be earlier) it’s gonna be EKRN Bornholm Airport, BIIS Ísafjörður Airport, ENSB Svalbard Airport, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and EFVA Vaasa Airport.

The countries included are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. The Faroe Islands will be included.


See, now I understood them to say this was just a “test of the test” type of thing to get some initial info about the beta testing process. I think he even said it wouldn’t happen like this again. Now that they’ve collected some data on how beta feedback will work, they’re going to design a more robust process over the next several updates and refine it after that.


You can take that as meaning they may select different types of people for the beta test, rather than letting the first 300 people that signed up get into the beta test. I’m sure that will help too, if they select people based on different criteria, for the beta test, rather than the first 300 people that signed up.

However, even if they select people with different criteria but keep the number of beta testers to a few hundred testers only, the latest CTD bug for people with standalone WASM modules, including people using AAO or SPADNext could still get through those 300 beta testers, if none of them were using AAO or SPADNext. So I hope they are able to expand the number of testers.

My guess is, if they had say 5000 beta testers, instead of 300, the latest AAO/SPADNext CTD bug may have been caught by 5000 beta testers.

I guess we will see if Asobo is able to expand on the 300 beta testers in future patches.

Hyped for the ATR doing Caribbean runs with these liveries


According to some beta testers the WASM CTD bug was caught and reported during beta. Asobo didn’t listen or decided that it’s not worth to fix it prior release.

But you are right, these special type of bugs can easily be missed if only handful people take part of beta testing. And I can’t think any worse way to choose people to participate.


Ref Beta Tester: “Quality over Quantity” - someone has to respond and process all theses beta reports, or what the point of having them generated in the first place.

Rubbish in = Rubbish out

I would suggest a smaller selected Targeted Beta Team, rather than a Free for All mass of arbitrarily selected Beta Testers flooding Asobo with random, misinformed bug reports.

Then again, MS did not get where they are now, without knowing what they are doing, so as a mere Customer, I have to have faith in that, and hope for the best.

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
Shigeru Miyamoto

Seems like things never change. They basically ignored bug reports from alpha and beta testers prior to launch. And many of those bugs are still alive and well in the sim 8 months after launch.

WASM doesn’t affect enough of their users for them to make this a priority nor does it impact XBOX development. We likely won’t see a fix for that until the next sim update.


Zero shock there.