Discussion: April 1st, 2021 Development Update

but how can you be out? you were never in?

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Maybe my english is as bad as I think it is. I was thinking “I am out” means something like “This terms are not what I was expecting, so I will not try to participate”.
I am wondering how many have clicked to join the beta-test-program without reading the terms - wondering on april 7th why their normal installation gets an update and why they cannot play the “non-beta version” anymore.

WU1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to infinity don’t mean a thing to me being released on time if the previous version is continuing to cause problems. Compounding bugs on top of one another is not the way to work a project or make it successful.
Who cares if WU4 is delayed if I couldn’t event perform 1 flight start to finish in the current version? Their priorities are rush rush rush instead of stopping to think if they should rush - Butchered Jeff Goldbloom Jurrasic Park reference.

Hahaha. You sure do know everything eh? Piling bugs upon each other. I’m sure that you can hand me binders with Zendesk tickets then, can’t you?
Happy complaining dear fellow. And enjoy a splendid Easter weekend!

Love from Dutchland :tulip:


Keep drinking the koolaid dutchman. I’m sure Asobo is thrilled with your undying love. The rest of us who expect to get what we paid for will complain all we want.

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Thanks for this feedback! I will certainly pass it on to the rest of the team.

I definitely understand and acknowledge some of the noted pitfalls about this test, it is very short and our pool of testers is very shallow with only 300. However, this test is almost like a good “test” for “testing” as redundant as that sounds, to hammer out proper processes for future testing. Our goal is of course to give more time for these tests and nail down more targeted crowds in the future! We see this as step one to see how a very small version goes.

Regardless, understand these points completely and will make sure they are voiced. Thanks!


Awesome, thanks very much @Jummivana Jayne, appreciate it! Good to know this is more of a launching point than a end point.

Really just wanting to help make MSFS the best it can be, in any way I can.



The Beta testing is only valid if they intend to fix issues found during that test period PRIOR to the actual release. Otherwise its all moot anyway.


That depends on what the issues are. There will most definitely be bugs that are allowed to make it to release, since not every issue would be considered critical enough to warrant a delay.

For performance issues like those of SU3, I’d imagine that would result in a delay. But we should keep our expectations realistic. Not every bug will be fixed for every release.

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I agree wholeheartedly.

In fact, I would add this: testers for future updates should complete something akin to a resume in order to participate.

Giving away 300 spots to the first people in line might be good for a concert or sporting event, but it’s no way to establish a qualified pool of testers for software that is arguably the most complex “gaming” software ever conceived. I know, I know… “it’s not a game, it’s a simulator.” :slight_smile:


Did you read the post 4 posts above yours? This is a test of a test.

I would find it both interesting and instructive to be able to “READ” the Beta testing forum.

I do not want to be allowed to POST to it, as I am not part of the beta team, but anything discussed while Beta testing an UPDATE, should be if value to all those who have the product.


With all due respect to the entire community, the concept seems very half-baked.

As @SPowell42 so clearly stated, having a real pilot’s license ought to be a mandatory requirement for testing the software.

Nice graphics don’t mean much if the aircraft do not behave - at least within reason - to real aircraft.

I obviously understand there is severity to take into account, but I personally struggle to believe the performance issues in SU3 went unnoticed prior to launch.

Thnaks for your vote of confidence and also for assumign that the sim is for real pilots only. You’ve obvious not read any of the information as to what the beta is about and what they are trying to do.

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As someone with a real pilot’s license, I disagree 100%.

You want a mix of people with different backgrounds and experience levels.


And opinions. You forgot to mention opinions… :wink:

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What can I say… Welcome to the playground!

I would think some variety of hardware is of equal importance. Besides, even real world pilots seem to be able to disagree about various simming aspects.


I hope all you bug fixers will fix the old stuff in addition to the new stuff. After a week of trying, I got 500 Mb downloaded of my CRJ 550/700. I try a couple of times a day. One day I may reach 1.7 Gb and I can use what I paid for.