Discussion: February 11th, 2021 Development Update

Nice to see LHSimulations on the marketplace, I loved their products on P3D. Can’t wait for their version of LHBP.


Do people forget we are going through a pandemic…? They’ve done an incredible job!


Truly an incredible job ever since the 17th of Aug.


Too right! The views i get in vr crossing Europe are phenomenal in the longitude private jet


If I had a top wish I would like they separate Sim update from World update. Should not be that hard. I’m more interested in the executable evolution. And the more place they add as photogrametry the more place I will not be able to fly in VR due to the poor current performance. Having more Sim update, like each 15 days, is not that complicate, tons of studio are able to do it, and I know what that mean as I was in this department not that far ago…
That’s why I’m currently disappointed by this new delay, and by the lack of public beta testing under NDA, like we used to be for VR.


you can switch off photogrametry in the data settings if you don’t want to use it.

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I know that obviously and use it sometimes :wink: But it work fine for some place (Courchevel in france, my favorite little mountain airport, or St Bathelemy island). just to say some are not interested by this part of the work until they do some miracle optimization on Sim side… I know this is not the same team working on World update and Sim update that’s why I would like they separate both releases dates.

I’d rather have more relevant information, like what bugs have been fixed, specifically, the whole thing is just too vague.

Putting out pretty pictures and talking about new add ons (which are mostly airports, and some very ropey aircraft by the sound of it !) is something we can discover in two minutes are already know.

I would rather the developers they employ work on bug fixes personally than graphics improvement (and I fly VFR in the UK). They hopefully will sort out the silly things, like the inconsistencies about what “go back” is on the setup menus.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these are not weekly “blogs” they are just a chance to show off Stats and Screenshots with barely any information on the state of the Sim whatsoever, nevermind it’s just a copy and paste of yesterday’s Discord message.

If you’re gonna do a blog do it properly, monthly is far better as you can gather more information into a much more descriptive and actual “blog” as opposed to these weekly one paragraph attempts.

As for today’s actual paragraph, again communication is key, why was the update delayed at the 11th hour? Why have you not included more information on the actual update? Why not include extra screenshots from the update? Or even a video?

After yesterday’s fiasco i hoping for a more detailed explanation, but yet again the weekly “blog” is disappointingly short on being an actual Blog.


Recorded from livestream MSFSofficial Developer Q&A Twitch Series.


Pretty sure they said that was a small teaser of the trailer… Not the actual thing itself


Yup mate.
Sorry, I forgot to add this information.

totally agree!

Yesterday was certainly a big misfire for Microsoft and Asobo in the PR department.

I was hoping that they would use this development update as an opportunity to level with the community and address the poor communication on a more personal level.
Thousands of people were glued to their screens all day in anticipation, with some, no doubt, even taking time off work for it. I can understand the frustration. This could all have been avoided were the delay announced one day beforehand.
Perhaps they could have given the community more screenshots, or perhaps the trailer as a sort of compensation for the frustration caused.

Unfortunately this was a very cold, dry and impersonal update. Possibly the worst one yet.
Hopefully future delays can be communicated in good time, and not at the end of the proposed release day.


I would expect some explanation (or apology maybe) why we need to fly since Christmas in the world infested by the “Isengard Towers”. Why the release of the terrain spikes fix was linked to World Update 3, and why the update was called off the last minute.
It would be an interesting story, letting us understand the complexity of the sim update process (MS Store, Steam, Azure). I can only guess how difficult it is to release such update with all the components in sync, the reason to call it off was probably quite serious bug discovered last minute, as repeating the update launch preparation again will require significant duplicate effort.


Agree, it would have taken the the same time to write something like “sorry guys we hit a last minute glitch that required a recompile of some stuff and it has impacted the release of the video too. Wait until Tuesday it will be worthed” or something of the sort.

It is funny how in the Q&A’s they all come across as friendly and chatty and then these weekly statements are so dry, I had to keep watering my screen


That’s not the trailer…

They didn’t hit a last minute glitch, the update is in the final stage of polishing :joy:. Well depending on their definition of “polishing” maybe…

What is the impact of this delay on the SIM 3 Update schedule?

No impact, just some people with broken hearts. It appears MSFS is so good people are losing their minds when there is a delay…