Discussion: February 11th, 2021 Development Update

Again, the great majority of people do.not.care about the delay so much as the lack of communication both before and after. Jeeeeez…


Was there a Development update on February 11th? If so how can I find out?


What prevented you looking at the very first post in this topic?

Sorry I got mixed up about Development update and Sim update.


There are actually three different kinds of updates.
World Updates, Sim Updates, and Development Updates.
World is when they add new scenery etc.
Sim is additional features, bug fixes, etc.
And as you know, the Development Update, which is just a discussion on the sim status.

Thanks a lot for the info.


There will be Performance improvements in overall? Better photogrammetry etc…?

Performance improvements are an ongoing activity for Asobo, there has been nothing specifically mentioned regarding performance for the 16th February patch as this is mainly content focused but we do know there is a fix for the terrain spikes and pixellated clouds, that’s it. We’ll need to wait for the patch notes to know more.

How to fix clouds and terrain?

They haven’t said, well find out on Tuesday though

You two are joking right, it’s a patch, you download it. What do you want - a set of quiz questions before spikes get removed!?! :slight_smile:

More than likely you’ll need to download a new installer from the store, launch that and it will update the sim. Like I said look out for the patch notes.

Will it not update direct form the sim? Must you have to go to the store first?

If you start the sim when an update is available, it will automatically direct you to the MS store. From there you usually need to update with a <1GB download and then you are invited to start the sim.

When the sim starts this time, it checks for updates again and downloads the necessary content.

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You’re assuming they knew the day before that it would be delayed and deliberately chose to hold back communication. What would their rationale for this be?


There are many screenshots and a video clip (as @TenPatrol posted as well as a lot of information about the update on the previous development updates.

What benefit would an explanation like “server deployment issue, xbox stability issue, regression test issue…” be to us all? Does it really matter? Something came up, they delayed the release until Tuesday. What more do you need to know?


An explanation would’ve been common courtesy.


Speaking as a software developer myself, there should usually be a good understanding of the state of the software at least a few days prior to release.
The possible rationale behind them holding back the announcement is that they thought they would be able to fix it in time, or that they could release with the issue, until someone higher up said ‘no’.
Given the length of the delay, I would be very surprised if they weren’t aware of the issue at least a day earlier.

The above is, of course, speculation. Regardless of when they announced it, a more human response and apology for the 3rd delay would have been welcomed in this ‘dev update’ rather than the robotic statement that we got.

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The thing is, we were told by the community managers that the build was “broken” and in need of more polishing and finishing touches, not that they discovered an issue during testing and tried to fix it the same day. How that was decided in the last minute is beyond me. Seems like a management issue.

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I think the issue arose because Microsoft ultimately decide if the release goes ahead or not and they can’t make that decision until office hours opens for them late in the afternoon (from a European perspective).

So it seemed on the release day there was still an issue and it was hoped perhaps Asobo or another team could resolve it before the suits in Microsoft got up for there morning coffee, they failed, release was pulled and an anouncement was posted.

It appears Asobo don’t own the coms in this situation so have to wait for Microsoft to react to get a formal message out.

It kind of sucks, hopefully in the future we can be forewarned about this sort of risk, they must know if the build is ready and in this case it clearly wasn’t so regardless of allowing QA/Asobo time it should have been flagged.


They should move to a devops model whereby every commit/merge to the main branch of the source system (e.g. bitbucket) is backed up by test cases that are green. With such a model you can always create a build as the main branch is always stable. But maybe they have to test manually the software instead of having automated test cases (unit, integration, etc.)