Discussion: February 11th, 2021 Development Update

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on DevOps but I’m pretty certain that automated tests in the very high 90s , if not completely, would be a prerequisite for a project of this complexity.

This would be my assumption. However it depends on the nature of the application. To automate unit and integration test cases is rather straight forward. However, there might be cases were writing and maintaining test cases is just to heavy. When we started our own IT company back in 2000 we had a strictly test first approach, this means writing the test case before the code. Every bug fix had to be backed up by a test case. Automated test coverage tools are scanning the code base. However, not sure whether this can be done 100% in a sim application.

Any idea what the delay is to the update3? or are Asobo Customer relations going to pospone it till next week oir month? Just seems Asobo Customer relations need a bit of a knudge rather than a last minute delay again.

There has been no change as yet.
It is still scheduled for today.
Microsoft is based in California, on U.S. Pacific time.
It’s still 7AM there.

be patient … 16 Feb has still 8 hours left, from a CET perspective :wink:

Technically they are based in Redmond Washington, but the timezone is the same as California.

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I’m downloading a 1 GB MS store update atm :eyes:

ok that looks like the Thames… ^^

25GB download ingame

patch notes?

I received now the steam update, one of the first?

Thanks now downloading as well

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