Discussion: February 25th, 2021 Development Update

This week’s development update has been released:

Use this thread for discussion of the Feb 25th Dev Update.


Well, this should satisfy some of the clamors for a hotfix. :sunglasses:

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Awesome! This is the right move, 1 week delay + hot fix is the right thing to do. Thanks team!

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Glad they decided to push the hotfix and delay the Sim Update. At least get the game back to the state it was before they broke it - then take a few weeks (heck take a month) and get the Sim Update right. Please don’t break a bunch of new things in the Sim Update. Take your time and do it right.


It’s very disappointing that despite community efforts to demonstrate this issue exists, the Live Weather after first flight bug still hasn’t been acknowledged nor made it’s way onto the bug list.


Could we please get some links on the announcements referred to in the Third Party Update section. Thanks.

I’m glad this will get a hot fix. Any word about the wild taxiway lighting that was broken in the last update? Will that be included in the Hot Fix?


So, you won’t publish the list of new planes and airports?

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Uhhhh correct me if I’m wrong (I hope I’m wrong), but isn’t inibuild’s Beluga and A310 for X-plane? why is it even mentioned in this update?

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That will not be included in the Hot Fix but it looks like they have resolved the issue and it will be included in one of the upcoming updates.


So, first there was no hotfix, but instead they decide to release it with sim update 3. Which was to be released at march 4th, next week.

And now you guys are happy with a hotfix next week and delay of sim update?

I don’t get it


I am not happy about this at all

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Clearly they were never going to launch the Sim Update on March 4 and now can use the reasoning that the flaps issue is their delay. Sigh


Do you know about the status regarding the manual cache CTD issue? Thanks!


The date was in last week’s roadmap.
What’s going on?
There was a community fix for the flaps issue because they wouldn’t do it. And now they say they are fixing it because of feedback of the community?

What? It was acknowledged last Q&A - Seb spoke on it for about five minutes straight. It was mentioned that on their end, it was very hit or miss to reproduce and Seb spent hours trying to reproduce it himself. It’s an ongoing investigation into fixing it.


I didn’t mean it personal :relieved:

Indeed! Definitely not public information. Well, I guess now it is? :sweat_smile:

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Howdy, how about the “clouds pixelated and grainy” bug being changed back to the category of “ongoing improvements” instead of fixed, since it isn’t fixed for everyone?