Discussion: January 21st, 2021 Development Update

For the feedback snapshot, is there a way to highlight in a different color what has been changed/updated? Seems like a lot of the bugs have remained unchanged for weeks.


Sad to see the delay, but happy they’re taking their time to release a quality world update.

What’s one more week in the grand scheme of things.


Glad it’s delayed no point rushing it out if it’s not ready.
Also loved the aerodynamics video.
When an update is out for the sdk can a comment be added on the sdk update section to say update is out please.
So I assume the SDK update isn’t out yet as still wants to install the last version.

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Consider postponing the UK update till the summer. It’s always gloomy and raining here so you won’t see anything much till then anyway :laughing:

Nice update, thanks to all involved. Enjoyed the aerodynamics video. I know there are some areas for improvement but looks like a great amount of progress is being made! Curious to know when those updates will release; presumably with the next Sim Update which will be several weeks away. Always more things to look forwards to!

I also wonder if the UK update will include some long-awaited building additions such as churches based on the OSM data, and airfield fixes (both additions and removals), or whether such changes will be done globally over time, rather than regionally. Guess we’ll wait and see :slight_smile:


Im famous!

Seriously, great video!
Glad to see that Asobo are reading the feedback we gives.
Thx all for your work


Hi Jayne,

While removing the fixed items, what about this:

[VR] Dev Q&A and Feedback Snapshot: please make a VR only category

I believe it is important to introduce a VR specific feedback snapshot,

In the Q&A and devblog snapshots, there are lots of entries for the simulator in general listed by number of votes. However I believe the number of VR users is far less than the number of simulator users and most VR specific wishlist items might never get enough votes to be listed, despite they are as important to VR only, like “Cockpit Size and World Scale”, as some others are important to 2D only like “Multiple Screen”.

UK & Ireland The craic will be mighty lads !


We have something coming regarding that :wink:


I hope to see some improvements to the flight model soon, compared to the rest of the sim it seems to be the feature that has fallen behind the most. Rudder + pitch effectiveness, roll inertia, ground handling and turbulence could do with some tweaking.

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Watch the video looks like they have worked on the flight model and mention everything you said.

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Is there a date for the aerodynamic changes mentioned in the video to be implemented in the simulator?

Thanks to today’s third party update, my issue with ORBX KTIW and Pilot Plus EGTB clashing with each other resulting in CTD is now 100% solved by installing today’s marketplace update for EGTB! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would rather wait a week if it means looking better, good job guys, from an avid UK simmer👍, just hoping my city of Sheffield is going to be one of the photogrammetry cities

Also it looks like the clouds are going to be sorted in February update, something worth waiting for too! :grinning:


Great update and loved the video!!!

I don’t see the point behind altering the control surface stops as explained in the aerodynamics video. Can’t do that in real life so why in the sim? The wear and tear option is great, we can finally set 0 wear and accurately compare aircraft performance with the published AFM.

Also curious what this has to mean:

A spin is not caused by “one wing being stalled and not the other” in a spin, both wings are stalled, the inner wing has a larger angle of attack (more stalled) compared to the outer wing. The difference in drag (more stalled = more drag) keeps the aircraft yawing, the difference in lift (more stalled = less lift) keeps the aircraft rolling. Still, both wings are stalled!

Skybrary: Spin - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Lots of talks about propwash, great that this is simulated. What about slipstream effect on the vertical stabilizer, p-factor, gyroscopic effects etc.? Those are important to truely make a prop plane feel like a prop and not a jet (i.e. constant rudder input required for coordinated flight depending on speed and power setting).

Future improvements will be regarding flap pitching moments, how about the wing downwash angle on the horizontal stabilizer. I could be wrong but I don’t have the feeling this is currently simulated (accurately if at all). This is really important for proper flap related pitching moments and ground effect simulation.

Also 6000 combined flight hours is really not that much… I nearly have that myself, I could join and double the Asobo combined flight experience :joy:.


Hello. It’s curious, the simulator does not offer me updates at launch. Is this normal? Thank you in advance.

The update hasn’t happened yet.

‘Development Update’ does not equal ‘Update’ in the world of MSFS


see closely 7:52, and 7:58 - new options for aircrafts

Curious. Thanks a lot !

It’s great to see the team is so hard at work. Can’t wait to fall out of the sky more realistically. :smiley:

Is this meant to be part of the world update, or the sim update?

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